Added by on 2017-01-04 productions, with just az hydroponics, test three different nutrient solutions in hydroponic systems. We used spearmint plants in Kratky method systems to test our three solutions. We show you how we set up the experiment and the results of the hydroponic nutrient challenge. For more information on the Kratky method, watch our video “Kratky Method of Hydroponics”: To see how we prepare a store-bought seedling for hydroponic systems, watch our video “Hydroponics: Removing Soil from a Plant”: To learn more about aquaponics, watch our playlist: The Aquaponics Project Related PostsHydroponic Organic Nutrient ChallengeOrganic Nutrient Challenge Final UpdateHydroponic Kits Designed For Water Culture System – Nutrient SolutionIndoor Hydroponic Spinach Update – S2 Episode SomethingNutrient Film Technique (NFT) Hydroponic SystemVertical Hydroponic DIY System uses a Single Nutrient for Amazing Results

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  • David Moore 1 year ago

    im growing a crab grass i found in the garden in a v8 jug on m grow took few weeks for bacterial in the water to break the ammonia down to nitrates but it lacks mag and cal but it growing great

  • Shrinivas Bhatt 1 year ago

    Thanks for the great video. You have solved my problem of nutrient for hydroponic system.

  • snakeriverfisher 1 year ago

    wonder if adding Epson salts to the fish water would make a difference , have you tried growing lettuce in fish water?

  • Rick Marshall 1 year ago

    Thanks for the great video

  • frederica broadney 1 year ago

    Where exactly do you but the power plant 

  • Joe Schmoe 1 year ago

    I'm new to this hydroponics system, and I dont know if this is a factor in your results or not, but according to the ingredients miracle grow has no calcium? Here are the ingredients

    I'm experimenting with miracle grow, planning on growing lettuce. I'll add calcium dissolved from eggshells. If it works, it will be cheap to use.

  • Just productions 1 year ago

    Hello, Kathleen Donegan. Citrus trees in pots can be fussy, and they can take some time, even a couple of years, before they actually produce good fruit. If you used the general purpose Miracle Grow, it may have made the environment within the pot too alkaline for the trees. Citrus trees like an acidic soil so if the pH got a little too high, they may have reacted to that. Check with your local nursery and ask about specific fertilizers for citrus trees. I would also consider re-potting with a potting mix specific to citrus trees, and these should also be available at your local nursery or garden center. It sounds like your trees are okay, and a couple of adjustments will get them growing. Thanks for watching our video, and best of luck with your trees and in all your DIY projects.

  • Kathleen Donegan 1 year ago

    After watching this great piece I wonder…I have a dwarf Meyer Lemon tree and a dwarf Key Lime tree.  The lemon tree has produced 2 lemons in 3 years and the last one took months to turn yellow….I have not gotten a lime yet….BUT I had been worrying….they are in soil and I was worried that they needed nutrients, so I used the same miracle grow, and I put my trees outside and overnight as we had a warmer day, altho it did get cool at night…but my leaves on my lime tree are now all dried up and curling in (most of them) and the lemon tree lost all of its leaves and it didnt have many to begin with.  Neither has flowered this year either but should I switch back to just water, re-pot?  I dont want to lose them…the stocks are very thick and sturdy and the newer branches are still green, it seems like only the leaves were affected.  Can you advise?

  • ImMADasAMeatAxe 1 year ago

    I might have to put in a fish tank if its the water is that good as a nutrient, nature is a wonderful thing

  • STFOURNARIS 1 year ago

    that was very educational thanks for taking time to do this

  • Just productions 1 year ago

    Hi, suburban homestead. Fish water did do quite well, and if you don't like the synthetic fertilizers, fish water does seem the best solution. We may try variations on this experiment using other systems. We'll post them when we do. Thanks for watching, and taking the time to comment. We appreciate it.

  • Just productions 1 year ago

    Hello MrBlaarghh. Yea, Miracle Grow works great in the back soil garden, but not so much for hydroponics. We had talked about using it so many times, and that's what prompted us to try it in comparison to other nutrients. The trip to the hydro store is worth it. 

  • suburban homestead 1 year ago

    Nice experiment. so fish water would be the better natural solution. It would be interesting to see this done with a larger sample size and a control with just water.

  • MrBlaarghh 1 year ago

    Wonderful! Thank you so much for testing this out. I was tempted to take the lazy WalMart way with MiracleGrow. I will visit my local hydroponics store instead!