The Home Garden in September

An update on the home garden plus a special birthday Q&A using the questions you sent me on postcards.

It’s late summer in the Home Garden and there are days that already feel autumnal. Over the past year it’s gradually changed from an open grassy lawn to a decently productive backyard garden. The greenhouse is overflowing with plants and veg and flowers fill the four raised beds and the patio garden.

In this video I share what’s growing, updates on the tomatoes, mushroom log, raised beds, corner bed on the patio, and the next big project for the home garden.

I also answer the questions that you sent to me on postcards over the past few weeks. Some are personal and some are questions about problems folks have been having with growing their own veg.

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The Home Garden in September

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  • Aztec Cane

    Disappointed with my Fiorentino tomatoes seeds as well. My growing area southern California. Don't use store fertilizers, and had the same problem. Tomatoes were late Bloomers as well thru-out the summer. They kinda ripen a few weeks ago. Just a few tomatoes. 🙁

    Bought seeds online / Heirloom /Organic seeds. This is why tomatoes are not perfect, and that's OK… When I would buy the store GMO seeds always tons of perfect tomatoes.

    I will keep these Heirloom seeds 🙂 after all because they are non GMO tomatoes. 🙂 They taste great! So i sprinkled the seeds out of the tomatoes thru-out my yard for next year. I will keep them nicely pruned next year to avoid pest.

  • jo wilde

    Bring sowed seeds into the house for a week then move to the greenhouse works well see charles dowdings video on seed sowing. If sowing outdoors early or planting out young plants early cover with fleece until plants are established and the weather warms up. I direct sow broad beans in sept/oct while soil is still warm gives them a head start for next year

  • jo wilde

    Aminopyralid is a problem in the uk too hun so sorry this has happened to you letter of complaint to the compost manufacturers asking for compensation i feel

  • Pat Holmes

    Absolutely loved this video, Tanya. Just returned from France so now I have an awful lot to crack on with. Hoping the weather is going to hold out for a few days. Enjoy Switzerland xxx

  • Shirley

    find someone nearby with chickens…My garden this year was monstrous using chicken compost. Also used Epsom Salt, egg shells ground and wood ash..Never have I had such huge tomato plants…and loaded with tomatoes.

  • Jeffrey Milton

    The herbicidal problem you're experiencing (amino whatdoyoucallit) is widespread. It can be a real problem with crops, particularly tomatoes, potatoes and all the beans. However, sweetcorn, which is essentially a grass, is fine as are all the brassicas. i use all the brought in compost on my "safe" crops and my own on those that might be vulnerable.
    BTW I love your cat, a real show off!

    Enjoy you hol's in Switzerland.

  • Athy Van den Berg

    I grew Inca Bella this year, but I had to lift them mid August as they were dying off. I had lots of small potatoes but also bigger size. I will not grow them again as I did not like the taste. I had a lot of unknown breeds. Belmonda, was much nicer and bigger. I also grew Heiderot a red inside potato, not a great harvest, also dying off too soon and not a nice taste. I liked my Saxon, Chantal and Arran Pilot. Eveline in Scotland

  • Beth Thurston

    Loved seeing your home garden! It looks lovely and I can tell you have put in a lot of work. No wonder you’re exhausted, between your gardens and soap making! Enjoy your trip and have a well deserved rest.

  • samedxml. exe

    This year I've made first step in planting tomatoes without care. I try to use seedling which survive from previous season. I will choose resistant variety but not to small but enough sweet for me. Wish me luck. I plant in Poland.

  • Annemarie Büschkes

    Dear Tanya, nice Video from your lovely home garden. Unfortunately you had no luck with your tomatoes, but next year it will be more sucessful.
    We learn by experience.
    By the way: your flowers are beautiful.
    In my garden I had lots of tomatoes and cucumbers and all of everything I love to eat, except carrots. 🙁
    I cannot imagine summer is already over and we have to face that dark days are soon to come.

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