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Vertical farming and building with shipping containers have been touted as solutions to dwindling space in cities and costly construction, respectively. A new concept wants to combine the two as a means of re-localizing food production. The Hive-Inn is a modular and adaptable city farm design proposed for New York. The Hive-Inn uses shipping containers for the different units it requiresThe Hive-Inn uses a frame into which containers can be slottedShipping containers can be easily moved around as requiredThe concept proposes that each container plays a role in producing food, harvesting energy…View all Gizmag has featured many vertical farming projects, shipping container builds and concept designs for both over the years. In 2009, we asked whether or not vertical farming could solve a global food crisis and last year we featured 10 of our favorite shipping container-based structures. Other related ideas include Eugene Tsui’s two-mile-high termite nest concept, designed as a solution to the world’s burgeoning population, and the composting islands proposed for New York by Present Architecture. Shipping containers can be easily moved around as required The Hive-Inn City Farm concept, designed by OVA Studio, extols the virtues of reconnecting people with nature and bringing food production backs into cities. It aims to give citizens back understanding and control of food production. The concept incorporates community kitchen gardens, neighborhood cooperatives and supermarkets selling locally grown produce direct from producers. It is proposed that the structure would be used to produce crops including green vegetables, tomatoes, corn, and honey. “The revenues generated by Hive-Inn City Farm are essentially from food production, which we believe can be sold at lower prices than those of present organic produces, because we cut off transportation costs and costs associated with middlemen,” explains OVA in a press release. An initial site for the Hive-Inn is […]

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