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Source: The Health Benefits of Gardening with Chris Young, former entertainment talent agent turned professional gardener, author and fairy expert. Aired Wednesday, 13 April 2016, 3:00 PM ET Join us for this “WISDOM WEDNESDAY” at 12pm PST / 3pm EST on INSPIRED LIVING with MARC & KIM on OM TIMES RADIO: Chris began his career the Big Apple as the very first intern at Details Magazine, (when it was run by the great Annie Flanders). Following the internship, Chris landed his first job as an Assistant at the William Morris Talent Agency where he worked for a young James Dixon. James signed an unknown comic named Jon Stewart with whom Chris instantly hit it off. Jon eventually tapped Chris to book the standup comics for his MTV talk show. Chris eventually left that position to become the Director of Talent at Comedy Central where he played a large role in some of the network’s early milestones. He was at the conference table the first time Debbie Liebling brought in the “South Park” animated short and casted the first version of “The Daily Show,” where he was reunited with Jon Stewart. Throughout his time at Comedy Central, Chris also worked with Amy Poehler on “Upright Citizens Brigade as well as Amy Sedaris, Paul Denallo, and Stephen Colbert on the twisted “Strangers with Candy.” Now, Chris’ days are devoted to writing and following his passion of gardening including tending to his own garden, “Tiny Sur” where he gets most of his inspiration and has earned multiple certifications. In his book “Is That A Fairy?”, young readers can enjoy real sounds from Tiny Sur and hear the real barks from Chris’ beloved beagle Daisy, who inspired the loveable canine companion of the main character in the book. Chris currently resides in […]

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