Here’s a trail guide for The Hanging Gardens in the West Clear Creek Wilderness, Arizona. The place is difficult to get to, but absolutely worth it. If you have any questions, please, leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you.

260 Turn off: 34.521197, -111.514108
Cash Tank: 34.57030, -111.51292
Hanging Gardens: 34.560858, -111.519606

Yes, there is a direct route to the Hanging Gardens that skips the White Box. But it’s a canyoneering escape route, that’s even more spicy than the traditional climb in/out. We have not tried it. And why miss the awesomeness of the White Box?

Music –
All of us – Daxten
In and out of love – Martin Hall (Tigerblood Jewel Remix)
Between the Lines – Elias Naslin (Ahlstrom Remix)

The Hanging Gardens, West Clear Creek, Arizona (AZ) – The White Box, Trail Guide & Tips

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  • Christopher Cheniae

    Excellent guide Jerry. Wish I had had it yesterday. Was never able to make it to Cash Tank. We were using some older directions that had us taking 142 and 142A which in my Subaru outback was impossible.

    Do you think an Outback could make to Cash Tank using the directions in your video?

  • Daniel Howe

    Hi Jerry, thanks for the video. Have you tried taking the other end of 142 (via 149, a few miles east along the 260 relative to where you recommend getting off) to get to 142A on the way to Cash Tank? I have been that way and also along the western end of 142, one of the routes you described. The eastern part of 142 is less direct (assuming you are coming from Camp Verde) and longer on a dirt road, but it isn't quite as rough as the western section of 142 that leads directly from the 260 to 142A. I'm wondering how the road on the eastern section compares to the route underneath the power lines which you said is better than (the western section of) 142.

    Also, do you know where one can find information about the hiking (not technical climbing) route into Meadow Canyon that leads directly to Hanging Gardens? It seems like you're also referring to this at the end of the video description. I have seen people say they have hiked that way, with no technical climbing needed, but as of yet I haven't been able to find any detailed descriptions of the route.

    Again, thanks for the video.

  • Jerry Ackerman

    WARNING:  There is no high ground in West Clear Creek.  If you are caught in a flood in the creek, you will not survive.  Do not enter the creek if there is a chance of rain anywhere near the watershed feeding into the creek.  See description for additional details.

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