Added by on 2016-07-26 Founder & Publisher Linda Velazquez and Haven Kiers, Editor present their highly popular annual series. A perennial favorite, this talk highlights the aesthetic components of living architecture and examines 2014’s design trends and styles for greenroofs and walls. Prepare yourself for a whirlwind tour around the globe of built projects, proposed designs, and conceptual dreams! 2014 was the eighth year we have been compiling our “Top 10 Hot List” and our presentation will show you the latest and greatest from 2014, plus we’ll include spectacular new projects from around the world sure to be on our Top 10 Hot List for 2015! As usual in our quest for optical arousal, we begin our fast and furious foray into the greenroof and greenwall world with spectacular Client Specific ‘Boutique Greenroofs & Walls’ – those projects which are just too unique to fit into a standardized grouping. Just some categories for 2014: We spotlighted New York City as a leader in industry construction and promotion, and continuing our popular new category “The Influence of Architects – Taking a Leadership Role in Design” we showcase the work of three outstanding international avant-garde leaders in our field: Moshe Safdie, Vincent Callebaut, and Patrick Blanc. In the number 1 spot was “Vertical Garden Towers & Cities: Biophilia Meets Avant-Garde Architecture” – you’ll see many examples including the stunning One Central Park in Sydney, Australia – a two-tower residential highrise with two dozen greenwall panels covering the building, some as high as 16-stories that has been filled with over 100,000 plants. The living tapestry of plants, flowers and vines stretches 500 ft high and includes a cantilevered sky garden for residents on levels 29 to 33 of the complex’s east tower to enjoy. The buzz in 2015 encompasses trends from across the world that […]

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