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This project is a collaboration between:
TOP – Technology Of Peace (
The Solar Garden (
Econature Productions (

The Green Wall Vertical Farm:

A Green Wall is a means to efficiently utilize vertical space to grow food and other beneficial plants.

Bringing innovative and sustainable technologies to the Kenyan people, TOP Kenya ( & TOP Global ( organized for 40 participants a 3 day course named “Connectedness and Leadership” and 20 of them learned from TOP expert Yaniv Fieldust how to build a Green Wall.

The final day took place on March 2nd 2018 at Thika’s Joy Town Primary School where they implemented a unique, cutting-edge method for providing sustainable solutions for food security.

Participants transformed a barren stone and concrete wall into a lush vertical Green Wall Farm, enabling 365 physically challenged students to provide for their own health and nutrition, while displaying the Kenyan people a new and efficient way to grow food. See article from People Daily (

In addition, The Green Wall creates insulation, which conserves the energy needed to heat or cool the building, as well as a sound buffer from busy Kenyan streets. By adding plants to the urban environment, The Green Wall beautifies the area and purifies the air, enriching it with oxygen. Using plastic bottles which would otherwise end up in a landfill or go through the resource-intensive recycling process, The Green Wall saves communities precious natural and economic resources. Skipping the recycling process altogether and connecting people to a product otherwise seen as disposable, The Green Wall is redefining the concept of waste through hands-on education.

In more than one way, The Green Wall empowers individuals and communities to be self-sufficient and even start selling their productions. By providing an easily-implementable, practical method of local food production such as vegetables (e.g. kale, spinach, onions and black night shade ), strawberries and more, The Green Wall enables people of all economic backgrounds to cultivate nature in the urban realm. Built with simple technology and basic items that many already have at home, The Green Wall costs minimal spending and effort to construct.

Hailing from this water conservation capital himself, Israeli-national Yaniv Fieldust, Founder and CEO of The Solar Garden (, TOP expert – the springboard for The Green Wall project- was inspired to personally provide his expertise to Kenyans. Look up “The Green Wall” on Youtube and you will find Yaniv’s video, which became an international Internet sensation, raking in more than 3.5 million views from around the globe. Since 2009, Yaniv has used an active approach to engage 300,000 kids from 100 schools all over Israel on the topics that The Green Wall targets: waste, soil, and energy. In the past nine years, 300,000 plants have been added to urban Israeli landscape, filtering pollution and elevating the presence of nature in children’s lives.

The Solar Garden is an educational initiative designed to promote awareness, and demonstrate the use of environmental technologies and sustainable use of resources through education systems in Israel and around the world. Educational programs include unique hands-on projects which target elementary school children, high-school students and educational staff in an on-going effort to change the way people treat the environment.

TOP ( is a global network of people and projects supporting each other to solve authentic problems such as hunger, poverty, water pollution and personal safety.
TOP is creating a revolution in the approach of solving these issues through training local Non
Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in identifying their own problems, creatively finding a local
solution using local resources, rather than waiting for foreign aid.
This approach is creating a dramatic shift from the beggar mindset to self support mindset.
In 2017 and in 2018, TOP led a “Connectedness and Leadership” course for social entrepreneurs
affiliated to TOP Kenya, combining ESD, technology and permaculture.
In addition, TOP is also focusing on training how to document and share the processes and the
solutions, so that they can be learned adjusted & implemented to other parts of Africa and the world.

The Green Wall Vertical Farm – How to Grow an Urban Food Garden – Kenya Sustainable Agriculture

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