Indian farmers are protesting over new laws that could leave them at the mercy of giant corporations, while Big Tech companies are capturing their data. With Facebook and Bill Gates involved, what does it mean for you?

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Produced by Gareth Roy

The Great Reset: Bill Gates & Farming – WHAT'S GOING ON?

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  • BLA747 Secret

    Well said!!! Is urgent to spread all that is going under. BG and group would never help anyone without big returns for them. They all need to be stopped, erased from the world before is to late.

  • Carly Penny

    SHIVA wrote a book called THE GREEN REVOLUTION….This book talks about GMO and big pharma starting the take over in the 70s. I recommend the read

  • K O

    They are killing democracy and they will if we don’t all wake up and rise together I stop it
    It is the only way to defeat this corrupt bullshit system

  • Magnus Persson

    Rather live my life by intuition not by an algoritm. Centralization is their goal. It´s not money or cred, its control and power over you they are after.

  • Brian Stephens

    Her daughter said to me it's our side or genocide I want my babies to live I got 72 brand new babies in the room and I want them to live no matter who saved their mother's on her mother is obviously on my side

  • Gisle Andre Ulvøy

    We can do this. We can do any & everything. Crush the dissillution "they" have used mass-hypnosis bullshit and scare tactics to stress, scare and weaken the beliefe in self and the person you are, all are. All are powerfull, beautiful, meaningfull with extreme forgotten and unknown strenght and power of self and the person in general from the crypt from the core to abled to do whatever one can think of to actually do physically out in the world to create change on / to whatever. The Key is belief in the possible and believing in mass to work out the fusion made from within. Take that magik and force it out in the world if that is what it takes to reach a/the vishion of goal that people see inwards and know to be right and correct for peoples, environment etc…whatever of will is there and add our collect of power to the cause and causes further on. The time is now. Status-quo is the time to act. To do. To live full and protect what is yours to rightfully do. Power with the people. There layes the power and the power houses are scared to death for this realization to become a reaality for each of us everyday people and folk. Get in and give of your creative source-force. Add your strengt in all ways and bond with likeminded friends. Don't give up.. Simply give it! All what you are is a lot to have and so to add of force. Real force makes reality. Remeember or/and awaken to that. Like Neo, you must find the power to selfappoint yourself, to see that you are chosen once realized in your hights and deep depths. Take up the fight and the sure aim to win what is believed and decited of heart and mind combined in colleboration of sensation. This is the truth of our reality wich we shape like to the way we become active and therefore decide. Power outwards and peace within. This is our right to claim for us, ourselves.

  • Janice Borron

    “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”

    — Henry Kissinger
    Fits in to the One World Order goals.

  • gsxr2fst498

    American farmers are being forced to destroy food by our government. Paid 1.5 more the value to destroy their foods by government or forced being taxed. Food shortage on the way

  • Loriann Bendit

    The bill gates of the world know she is 100% correct.they want to kill of all but 10% of the population so THEN they will do them correctly.

  • derpfrog

    10:59 nuff said the technocrats and big tech is becoming Satan on earth. If their data algorithms are going to be used for crops and fruit they will mark us as well.

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