Over 20 African countries have been working for years to building Africa’s ‘Great Green Wall.’ In an act of unity, Wisconsin farmers helped Nebraskan farmers who were devastated by spring floods. New York’s new state budget aims to bring a number of interesting changes. Literacy rates across the world continue to rise. And the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service brings Christmas in March to New Orleans… [920]

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The Good News: Africa’s ‘Great Green Wall’, New York’s Plastic Ban, World Literacy Rates

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  • Pohaku Mana

    Tyrel, why don't you like cows? Cows are sweet, and give so much.
    Do you understand where your food comes from? at the end of the day.

  • Gem Girlla

    don't promote this too much. The USA will burn it down. Can't have Africa living situation improve…

  • David Beaulieu

    I pointed out that food prices were going to skyrocket because of the floods and my coworker goes. Oh I never thought of that. Swear I almost hit him stupid conservatives just dont think hmm climate change is going to kill the food supply. I'll just pay more. Ya not if it's gone you stupid ass doesnt matter if your rich of there isnt any society collapses and money is worthless. Even gold cant eat it worthless.

  • David Beaulieu

    Nice to know America sucks the worst in everything environmental. Greedy stupid corrupt warmongering sheep raping assfuckers. If any country deserves to tank it's the USA. Through in balsenaro, isreal and Saudi Arabia while your at it.

  • Adam Douglas

    With so much of the corporate news media feeding the psychological operations which increase and enhance already heightened levels of public fear and anxiety, such an antidote is a welcome break. If only more of the collective consciousness was focused on positivity then perhaps our "global society" might finally begin to see past the divisions, largely narrative driven and created. This concept, for me, goes beyond the ethos of "Question More" into the newly emergent "social" collective consciousness – a heightened state of awareness on the part not only of the individual in society, but of communities globally. Bravo on capturing the zeitgeist of modern journalistic reportage, by promulgating such messages The Hawks have less easy prey, for a mutually uplifting community and thus society is far more resilient to the power control tactics of the elites.

  • Randy Dank

    You think Russia would put up with Muslims and Africans pouring in to the country over a million people a year for over30 years. I dont so why you ask mother Russia

  • Guitarpima

    The congestion traffic tax will disproportionately affect the poor. Again, the rich getting out of taxes.

  • Holly Shultz

    right. prison population only guilty of illiteracy or like not having money or a car. they dont teach us law yet they expect us to abide by em. unfair.

  • coreycox2345

    It is a good thing that this show does not look as if it is being broadcast from a cow farm and he doesn't have to subject himself to being around cows. I didn't know why Tyrell or anyone could hate a cow? Have you seen one up close? They have beautiful eyes. If this show is supposed to be positive, you should not be hating on cows.

  • Wesley Snellgrove

    You all know, as soon as Trump hears about all these happy/ positive stories he's gonna start bashing and degrading everyone involved. Cue President Dump in 3…2…1…

  • socialiststeve6 Cotterill

    Great idea to focus on positive stories for a change. Pleasant break from the usual negative happenings in the world. Another show like this one sometime soon would be welcome.

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