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—— UPDATE: Garden Tower 2 JUST RELEASED: —— Introducing the future composting vertical 50-plant patio farm — The Garden Tower 2, by Garden Tower Project. This version is a concept, check out the website to learn more. Video Rating: / 5 plants grow Related PostsThe Vertical, Composting 50 Plant Patio Farm by Garden Tower ProjectThe Vertical, Composting 50 Plant Patio Farm by Garden Tower Project YouTube 720pFuture Growing® vertical aeroponic Tower Garden® farm at True Garden, Mesa, ArizonaEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodThe Vertical Composting Container Garden By Garden Tower ProjectGarden Tower Project: The composting vertical Garden Tower!

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  • Bryce Irwin 1 year ago

    I want to buy one for a $200 price tag

  • Garden Tower Project 1 year ago

    —— UPDATE: Garden Tower 2 JUST RELEASED: ——

  • Garden Tower Project 1 year ago

    Red wigglers inhabit the compost core, other types of worms (most typically night crawlers) move throughout the system.  The video is not perfect and there were some mistakes, but the system does work very well even without the addition of night crawlers to traverse the soil and compost.

  • Mike Richards 1 year ago

    I've asked this question of a number of different people building these self-composting units but no answers yet. I have built 3 of these so far and after the first several months, I see little evidence that the worms "travel" from the composting tower into the growing medium and back. After thinking about this for a while it makes little sense that they would. Why would they leave their food source to help me build a casting-rich growing medium? I'm not convinced that the composting works.

  • sodaman2006 1 year ago

    Do you guys have a rotating stand for the tower? I'm on a balcony and have a shaded spot that wont get much sun light. It would be nice to have a return tube for the drainage.

  • veselipastir 1 year ago

    what are the flaws in the design…
    I've been watching about those vertical gardens for a whole day and seems to me like every other thing out there ?

  • Garden Tower Project 1 year ago

    The future unit featured in the video is 100 percent food grade HDPE. The current Garden Tower has a food grade HDPE body, but some other plastics are used for other components; as we can we will phase them out with mass production.

  • Aman Inavan 1 year ago

    Quite some obvious flaws in you critique as well. Care to elaborate on these flaw you see in the design.

  • Sean Thiebault 1 year ago

    Quite some obvious flaws in this design and none of them are being adressed.
    Dishonest or unprofessional – kickstarters better take a note.

  • yxcvmk 1 year ago

    Interesting. What plastic is this unit made of? I don't want "organic" food out of a toxic (100% PVC) container. PVC is just an example. Not all plastics are necessary bad, but many are – that's why I'm asking.

  • P4nikStudios 1 year ago

    great design!