The Future of Farming

Technology is transforming farming even in the world’s poorest countries. Bill Gates shares how the future of agriculture will shape up.

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The Future of Farming

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  • Martin Castro

    Hasta que los Estados vean que el desarrollo de un país se debe a la explotación de los recursos naturales no sin el apoyo de las tecnologías, gracias Sr. Bill Gates por sus aportes al desarrollo

  • Daniel Kirk

    yeah you can give them cell phones but if they dont know how to use them i.e. read a soil map or actually read then there is no point giving it to them in the first place

  • MathHelp

    Sorry, commenters. Bill Gates does not read nor give a shit about your misinformed, misguided, conspiracy theory GMO/Monsanto bullshit. He's busy reading books, evidence based papers, being informed by actual experts in the field, and steering clear of the knuckle dragging idiots on YouTube and Facebook. Now, please go back to your echo chamber (ie, Facebook) and preach your nonsense to the 3% who hasn't gotten around to hiding you from their newsfeed yet.

  • Wiciu47

    Can I ask a channel admin for subtitles in english? It's a lot easier for me to understand english language. Please :)

  • Taleb Kabbara

    Africa is the richest continent on Earth but colonialists and capitalists ripped the hell off their resources. You want to give them smartphones because now you're remotely colonizing the continent. Bunch of lazy smarty pants who still are greedy to reap what they plant. Just leave them alone for the sake of humanitarianism. THE FUTURE OF AGRICULTURE AND FARMING IS GOING BACK TO THE FARM AND EATING WHAT THE EARTH GIVES US, NOT WHAT YOUR CANCEROUS PROCESSING FACTORIES IMPOSE ON US TO EAT. ENOUGH WITH THIS RIP OFF.

  • ichii 1

    Africa alog with a bunch of other places actually have a surplus of food but throws them out cause they can't sell them XD
    this is what happens when money takes priority over feeding a nation.

  • Freestyle Mind - The Freestyle Life

    I think the use of technology to get an accurate idea of market demand, supply, and prices in a transparent way is really important. This could even the playing field for smaller farmers who have to face competition with larger enterprises and unfair treatment from agents and middlemen who control information.

  • Сергей Есенин

    Бля, ты же самый богатый человек в мире, норм видос не можешь запилить? Непонятно это все

  • blabla62871

    so why do africans have so many childrens, if they are not able to feed them? isnt it easier to feed 2 kids than 10?

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