In an endeavor to produce fresher, healthier and pesticide-free greens, SAP customer &ever revolutionizes the way of doing agriculture. We visited a fully digitalized indoor farm in Kuwait.

With Indoor Farming, &ever Is Revolutionizing the Food Chain

Does eating salad really contribute to a healthy lifestyle? Perhaps not when 5.6 billion pounds of pesticides are used worldwide to produce fresh greens. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), residues from those pesticides are linked to cancer and other serious health problems.

In an endeavor to help ensure citizens’ health, the vertical farming company &ever is committed to sustainably growing pesticides-free green products.

Vertical Farms: Future of Agriculture
Formerly Farmers Cut, &ever is a Hamburg-based farming company that cultivates high-quality plants indoors while saving on natural resources. The farms have a vertical structure and are easily scalable in form and size, which allows them to be run in any climate conditions anywhere around the globe.

For &ever, it is all about the freshness and nutritional value of the food. According to Mark Korzilius, founder and chief strategy officer of &ever, green leaves can lose most of their nutritional value after being washed in chlorine, chilled, packed, stored in warehouses over periods of time, and then sent on the road for transportation.

To solve that problem, &ever provides fresh products by using the so-called “harvest on demand” or “farm to fork” model, which leaves the roots intact even when the produce reaches the customer.

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The Future of Farming

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  • Austin B

    Hello, Im part of the FFA Organization Funding Agency (sorta) if anyone wants to donate to the FFA (Future Farmers of America) it would all go towards the Farmers daily needs whether itd be tool or whatever. I lived in a small country county up in North GA. I took classes in school (FFA was a class to take) it helped me learn all about the culture of Farming and the cultural trait is so much different from normal society. the Old Farmers are slowly dying off and we need to keep the culture alive and make sure we have great American Farmers that wants to keep the culture going. Anything will count, Proceeds going towards the Old Time Farmers and depending on how much, it might go towards equipment. Thank yall so much!

  • studio 7019

    this isn't farming, it's robotics and computing. wealthy agribusiness dependent on its control of high-energy inputs from all over the world on iron ore, cobalt for computers, etc, etc. the video exalts the fact that it reduces employment — meanwhile the cheap price it produces will displace small farmers who actually look after ecosystems using on-farm resources in a way which is sustainable 50, 100 years into the future. unlike this mess which will break down the second something goes wrong in global supply chains.


    Lot of plastics used in this kind of farming – so i don't think it is not eco-friendly. Plastic usage may increase the probability to get cancer kind of problem, directly or indirectly. There has to be even batter way and nature friendly way. Lot of energy used in controlling the climate to grow plants. Not good. Most technological innovations leads to disaster than helping people. let us face this innovation disaster as well.