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The future of agriculture and human health is a speech I did at the San Diego Fermentation Festival Feb, 2019. The speech covers a wide range of topics, GMOs, CAFOs, Ecological succession, biodiversity, regenerative farms, small scale and large scale no till farms, agroforestry, gut health, plant sentience and exudate, soil food web, Korean natural farming and much more. MY RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS FOR YOUR GARDEN/FARM: Drip Depot for best irrigation parts: Seeds from True Leaf Market: Hoss Tools & Seeds: Bootstrap Farmer: Farmer’s Friend Tools: Earthway Direct Seeder: off Coolbot: NAR Merch – FOLLOW ME HERE: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Bit Chute: Bit Tube: LBRY: JOIN MY NEWSLETTER – SUPPORT FUTURE VIDEOS VIA PAYPAL OR PATREON: THANK YOU! PAYPAL: PATREON – GET ADVICE AND REWARDS Help me start a small scale farming revolution! ********************************************************************* RECOMMENDED READING FOR SMALL FARMERS & GARDENERS: Mel Bartholomew’s “Square Foot Gardening” – Great for beginner gardeners – Toby Hemenway’s “Gaia’s Garden” – For everyone, learn ecology, soil building, permaculture, holistic garden design- Masanobu Fukuoka’s “The One Straw Revolution” – Inspirational book, Introduction to natural farming/philosophy – JADAM Korean Organic Farming: -These are for farming/growing techniques and business/sales/marketing/operations strategies: JM Fortier’s “The Market Gardener” – Curtis Stone’s “The Urban Farmer” – Ben Hartman’s “The Lean Farm” – ********************************************************************* -Some links above provide commissions. #regenerativeagriculture #soilhealth #soilfoodweb Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsClimate Change: What it Means for Our Agriculture and Our Health – Future Thought LeadersTHE FUTURE OF AGRICULTURE – DocumentaryRestorative agriculture & renewable energy on the future homestead | Joshua Morris | TEDxMissouriS&TAre indoor vertical farms the future of agriculture? | Stuart OdaAgriculture Project working Model | Best Agriculture projects […]

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  • Nature's Always Right 1 month ago

    TABLE OF CONTENTS: See description for more info!
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    00:00 Speech intro what is the speech about?
    00:38 About my Urban Farm
    3:00 How does a tree in the Red Woods Forest Aquire nutrients?
    3:40 The current state of agriculture
    5:22 GMO grains fed to animals
    5:55 GMO, what does that actually mean? Very different from plant breeding
    6:53 Glyphosate and how that’s affecting health of soil and humans
    9:00 Feeding GMO to chickens/pigs industrialized food
    10:05 Alternatives, how to mimic nature
    10:51 Pasture raising animals, agroforestry
    13:06 Why is Nature’s Always Right, mimic nature
    14:04 Why diversity on your farm is important
    15:08 Ecological Succession
    17:02 Re-greening the desert
    18:45 Mark Shephard’s Farm super diversified
    19:39 Agroforestry
    20:24 Keyline plow and how it works
    22:13 How do forests get so big with no fertilizer
    22:33 The Soil Food Web
    24:02 Plants are sentient, exudates
    25:01 What happens when plants have the correct nutrients
    25:54 Plant has biology on it that we need to eat
    26:45 Gut inflammation/permeability is the cause of many diseases
    What does the future of agriculture look like?
    28:23 What is tilling why is it bad for soil?
    29:31 The carbon cycle
    30:06 Small scale no till
    31:19 Large scale no till
    33:12 Korean natural farming
    38:42 Bokashi composting
    41:07 Final thoughts and recommendations

  • jimmy bead 1 month ago

    awesome presentation. this is really good information and you presented it really well. thank you. I haven't heard anyone bring up keyline since my permaculture course in 2016

  • John Devereaux 1 month ago

    here where I live, people get milk fresh from a cow. Place the milk in a heat resistant bowl (stainless) and put this bowl into a low level of water in a cooking pot on the stove. They heat the water gently, the milk in the bowl is then heated by the warming water below it in the pot. After a while, the milk curdles and they then put the mixture through a sieve to drain the whey. the curds remaining in the sieve are then placed into a piece of cotton and wrapped in it like a bag. The loose ends of the cotton is then twisted to apply pressure to the curds and to make it into a form. To be honest, here the overall shape of the white cheese is almost heart shaped more or less. My wife got some of this cheese a few years ago from a local woman that made it fresh from her cows milk. It travelled then over 1,000 miles to where I was living, some was eaten over a period of one week and half remained which then went on a 1,000 mile trip back to the same location and we ate the rest during the course of another week. No preservatives or anything of any kind.

  • Stefano Roveda 1 month ago

    you are awesome

  • Paul Dominic 1 month ago

    Paul in Utah here- I just found out about Steven and his YouTube videos in the last month or so… Bravo to Steven for another informative video, so greatly needed. Steven is taking his time that he could be devoting to growing / selling his own produce to get this vital information out to us. Please consider supporting Steven on Patreon. I did, and it's the best money I think I'll ever be spending. Here's the link

  • adrienne nonami 1 month ago

    Thanks for a very informative talk.

  • OIFOEF Veteran 1 month ago

    would love to meet with you and pick you brain lol love your farm and everything it stands for.

  • Andy Allen 1 month ago

    Thanks again for the shout out to SD Microbes Bierkashi Bokashi. I need to make a youtube for my company !

  • Aaron Justison 1 month ago

    Preach it brother!

  • Diego P. 1 month ago

    Great info, AgroEcology its the new word 🙂

  • John Boast 1 month ago

    A very informative video, I learnt a great deal. Thank you for sharing.

  • Elijah Wu 1 month ago

    Amazing speech! It really sums up everything

  • Yaya Helwa 1 month ago

    We are excited to gather together to talk about all things Seed Library related!

    California Seed Library Gathering

    Saturday March 23rd 10 am to 5pm

    at the Community Seed Exchange

    500 Robinson Rd, Sebastopol

    The event is free

    After the last Seed Summit at the Heirloom Expo, we thought it would be rich to come together for a longer time to share resources, experience and utilize our collective knowledge to support one another.  The agenda is being formed by people's input on the registration form. We also will be launching the California One Seed One Community campaign.  


    We are trying to figure out if we have enough people to have the event so please register by March 2nd.

  • Vince Berardini 1 month ago

    Nice presentation Steven !

  • Andrew Rodgers 1 month ago

    This guy gets it

  • Judy Howell 1 month ago

    Hope this was a great day for yo, your farm is special.

  • Super Mojo 1 month ago

    Only americans could confuse GMO And hybrides….

  • Jonny_mazerati 1 month ago

    Good job