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Lab-made meat, driverless cars, and robot caregivers were all once part of some futuristic fantasy, but they may be a part of reality sooner than we expected. In the first episode of 2018, The Stream looks at what lies ahead for agriculture, aging, and artificial intelligence? The future of agriculture? Many climatologists believe that our need for food is one of the biggest contributors to global warming. And as the population of the planet balloons, agriculture and farming poses an increasingly severe threat. Mark Post, Co-founder of Mosa Meat thinks he’s come up with one solution to the environmental challenge: lab-made meat. “It’s is actually very simple,” says Post. “You take the stem cells from a cow, a small piece of muscle and then use those cells to grow more muscle tissue.” Posts says it’s similar to bulking up in the gym, only it’s done in a petri dish. “If you provide places where they [muscle cells] can hold onto, that contraction translates into tension, and that tension translates into more protein. You put your muscles under tension and that creates bigger muscles.” But is cultured meat the solution to feeding the growing population, while saving the environment? The future of aging? According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) nearly 90% of seniors want to stay in their homes as they age. Sadly independent living isn’t often the reality for the elderly because of health or mobility issues. Alex Mihailidis thinks advances in technology could soon could change the culture of aging. “There’s new technology around sensors embedded into everyday objects like floor tiles and sofas and chairs that automatically measure heart rate and blood pressure,” Mihailidis says. Mihailidis is the scientific director at Age-Well in Toronto, Canada where he and a team of biomedical engineers have been […]

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  • simo bern 1 year ago

    Si selon l'évolution le cerveau humain s'est développer et que l'homme s'est dressé pourquoi depuis des millions d'années l'évolution a cessée? L'homme n'a pas changé regarder en papousie ou les aborigenes vous les avez pris selon votre théorie pour des chaînons manquants alors qu'ils étaient humains. Il n'y a jamais eu d'évolution l('homme depuis sa création possédait le langage et se tenait debout c'est son savoir qui a augmenté non son cerveau donc c'est plutôt intérieur que physiologique vous vous trompez tous.

  • Paul Tremblay 1 year ago

    That explains the strange taste of the 7/11 chicken, I eat it once and then I stopped. I think I can tell between natural and unnatural. I rather not eating meat at all

  • Julie Holcomb 1 year ago

    NO. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. And i have no doubt your well paid doctors and scientists will say it is safe. But let me see them fed it ti their kids

  • Bruno Weight 1 year ago

    Sounds like liberal food

  • joven2040 1 year ago

    I wonder if the cow blood is the main ingredient..of the meat..its the taste of the meat

  • joven2040 1 year ago

    wow super ai ..thats good news

  • mohammad syauqi 1 year ago

    If this lab meat is mass produced.Its only a matter of time before the technology becomes cheaper and people are gonna be eating human meat and become cannibals haha

    But im really looking forward to this as it might be an opportunity to solve starvation and malnutrion problems that half of the world are facing.

  • Mahmoud Baakathir 1 year ago

    Tell us about the side effects of your artificial meat as well

  • johny broadbelt 1 year ago

    Awesome , the thumb nail had a ' head ' with the statement " what lies ahead " , stop it you guys , just stop right there !

  • Jaiteh Momodou Lamin 1 year ago

    I admire the voice of this lady

  • Rodney Sharp 1 year ago

    And the meat cells were always alive.

  • Rodney Sharp 1 year ago

    Actually lab grown meat is really meat.

  • Paul Macleod 1 year ago

    soylent green..

  • Wasim Ah 1 year ago

    Wow movie

  • Kadiyam Saaibaba 1 year ago

    A tough tussle ahead between science and nature or are they going in tandem? A trillion dollars question for a lay man??

  • laser325 1 year ago

    AI will lead to many or most people being without employment.
    What will governments decide to do with these people?
    Keep them as pets?
    Or revive the Eugenics program, which has already been tried in the US?

  • สอย สอย 1 year ago


  • Chang Kavin 1 year ago

    Rather than we eat or kill plant would be possible if the scientists find to empower our body cell to harvest cosmetics energy, when they found the way our food no longer need huger no longer matters just hope one day they can.