Tim Hammerich is the founder of AgGrad, an agribusiness recruiting company, and the host of the Future of Agriculture podcast. He joins Zach Johnson and Mitchell Hora to talk about the latest innovations in farming, the changing skill sets agriculture demands, and the essential role of data management in sustainable ag. They also discuss the reasons why it’s so hard to recruit young people into ag and why more farmers should think of themselves as CEOs.

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The Future of Agriculture: A Visit with Tim Hammerich

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  • bpelf

    So glad I stumbled on this series. Great show to have on in the background while I do other stuff.

    It sounds to me like data analytics is going to continue to grow within the Ag domain, but I am wondering how it will differ from traditional educational paths for data analytics. I come from a geospatial analytics background, from a small subset of the overall industry, and I can honestly say that not all data analytic fields are the same. Knowing what you are looking at and how it can and should be interpreted is always the key to fully utilizing the information you have access to.

  • mrmikeyd

    Another informative and entertaining video….and funny too! You guys do a great service….even to us who are "pretend" farmers. Thanks.

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