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no description availableIsrael is a pioneer in finding solutions to the problems of global food and water shortages. Major world players in modern agriculture will participate in the 21st international Agro-Mashov exhibition, 2 – 3 March, in Tel Aviv.note added at bottom on 2-24-2012 ———- This is a short video that lays out the new concept of swarm farming and demonstrates the first phase with Prospero, the robot farmer. For more information about Prospero and swarm robotics in farming visit or see the featured article about Prospero in the 2012 January/February issue of ROBOT Magazine. Script: Food Mans most basic need Throughout the ages men have strived to produce more and better food for growing populations. More land Better tools Improved techniques And technological advances However, all this progress has had one common element that has not changed. Man Man has always been at the center of food production and has now become the limiting factor. For 10,000 years, the primary focus of technological advancement has always been increasing the productivity and safety of the operator. But these incremental improvements will soon be outpaced by the exponential population increase that we are experiencing. Sometime in the near future, the population will exceed our ability to provide food for all of earths inhabitants. (A Transition: A new vision for farming) What we need is a paradigm shift on a scale of the transition from hunting and gathering to an agrarian society. A complete reboot that will change our conception of what agriculture is. (The New Solution:) This new system will be developed in four phases: Phase One: Planter Phase Two: Tender Phase Three: Harvester Phase Four: Integration of the planting, tending and harvesting into one autonomous intelligent robot that can operate all season long, performing any task as necessary. Prospero is […]

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  • Nani Thota 2 years ago

    i am farmer ,i have 435600 Square Feet land ,But this type of  technologies are not there in my 
    area location{ andhra pradesh,india} ,Could you please provide & help it..
    my mail:-