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School Garden-Based Nutrition Education The Riddle Elementary School Garden, Cavanaugh Elementary School Garden, Mid-Michigan Leadership Academy Garden and Willow Elementary School Gardens teach students about healthy eating and how to grow food for themselves. Students run the gardens, participating in every step from choosing what to grow and preparing the soil, to harvesting, cooking, and eating the food. We currently have 46 classes (1,062 students), grades K-8 enrolled for 1 hour visits each month. These Colorado girls are making a huge difference at their school. Check out a project they created and implemented through Caring for our Watersheds Ripple Effect Challenge. Saskatchewan, you Related PostsFresh Ideas in Action #5: Nutrition Education with Farm to SchoolPortugal’s eco-schools: Teaching food sustainability & nutrition (Learning World: S5E33, 2/3)Farm to School: Gardening enhances nutrition and learning for studentsPB 2013 – Community Gardens and Nutrition EducationIntegrating Aquaponics with Garden Towers for Local Food Production: A Kahuku School ProjectGardening as Cultural Renewal – the Gila Crossing School Program

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  • Elizabeth Yeoman 1 year ago

    Such a joyous video, as well as informative!

  • multiworldleader 1 year ago

    Beautiful! This is a great idea and i wish my district would do this. it is very valuable for the growing children to learn these healthy habit. Thank you for the video.