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The farmer, of all people, should be known as man who labors to leave the earth a better place than he found it. To strive for a better world for those who will come after him. He is concerned not only for his own needs of today but also for the needs of those whom he feeds and blesses through the work of his hands tomorrow. Ask any farmer what his biggest farming expense is and he will answer “feeding my animals.” Often this is the first place he is tempted to scrimp and save….but cheap food makes for sick animals and you get what you pay for every time. Goats were designed to graze fresh, organic pasture, whenever the weather or seasons allow. But what about the times such pasture is unavailable for grazing? It is then we find what true farmers are made of. We see then where their values lay in regard to the wellbeing of their animals and the food they produce. In the winter of 2014 we began developing a system of growing barely fodder using nothing but water and light. With this system we are able to grow the equivalent of 112 acres of food in a space that is only 7 feet wide and 20 feet long. Each pound of seed will grow into 7 pounds of food in only 7 days. This seemingly magical process happens using no inputs other than a few gallons of water and a patient optimism willing to smile at the future. A farmer is defined by more than his bottom line. He is a steward of the earth and accountable to the One who created all things and by whose faithfulness, people are fed, hearts are made glad, and the world is blessed. Related PostsTHESIS 2013 RMUTT […]

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