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Students of The English Gardening School in London talk about their experiences of studying for a Diploma in Garden Design, Practical Horticulture and Plants & Plantsmanship. Participants include Chelsea Flower Show winners Jo Thompson and Ruth Willmott. ???Want to join the Steamgroup?: I also do some streaming at Like on facebook! Someone Said Make A Twitter Account: (Da fuk do I do with that shit???) Thumbnail by Jonas Dralle Song: Bastille – Pompeii (Audien Remix) Intro clip made by: HUD: Eve Hud FOV: 90 Weapon FOV: 90 On a random note, anyone wanting a good music playlist for studying should check this out:… Has some nice music scores without too many abrupt changes/words to distract you. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsThe English Gardening SchoolThe English Gardening SchoolThe English Gardening SchoolThe English Gardening SchoolThe English Gardening SchoolThe English Gardening School

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  • ???????? ??????????????????????? 1 year ago

    Hey you 4:29 Image your name?

  • c0gin #skooks 1 year ago

    Throwback to when Muselks Channel comment section wasn't cancerous and his videos were still really original and good?

  • lee yi xian 1 year ago

    can u show us a rocket jumping map?

  • Devon Sweeny IS KING 1 year ago

    Hi Muzzlekej?

  • godzilla890 1 year ago

    i love how at the beginning of the video is says "Player adiosToredor has joined the game"?

  • Hielke Alma 1 year ago

    This is my first youtube comment in 3 years time;

    Dat hoovy x'D?

  • Dood 420 1 year ago

    Do you hold crouch when your in the air then slide??

  • FunFaic 1 year ago

    I miss the old parachute, now i cant charge a shot with the cow mangler to catch myself on fire and market garden a bunch of people.?

  • The MadSandwich 1 year ago

    What is life??

  • MatPlaysGames 1 year ago

    But it you close your eyes does it almost feel like nothings changed at all but if you close your eyes

    Thats my fav song?

  • Jaffas 1 year ago


  • Jaffas 1 year ago


  • TheMiner2S 1 year ago

    Anyone else hear the song "Close your eyes." in the background??

  • gzmoney 1 year ago

    The days when he didn't have unusuals?

  • Righteous Gen 1 year ago

    bring back the intro you used in this one, I miss original muselk vids ):?

  • TheSwedish PigSociety 1 year ago

    He got taken out by a crossbow?

  • Reymar Aquino 1 year ago

    I hear music on the background :)?

  • TitidarkraiGaming ! 1 year ago

    Yea so awesome?

  • Dr. Evil 1 year ago

    I hate you campers everybody bloody hates you?

  • Alexandre Le Fran 1 year ago

    1:44 look the kills fee, the medic killed the sniper, but the sound of the land still pops, its ok?