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Detailed description, trial and critique of the Eco Hydroponic Grow System 6 Pack 3 gallon size pot system. This well designed system uses a semi-automatic feed setup to provide nutrient solution to each grow pot reservoir feeding organic potting soil. Very interesting, low maintenance system that works exceptionally well. Related PostsHow to Grow Wheatgrass without Soil in easy Steps at Home Hydroponically Part 2How to grow gram plant Hydroponically ll How To Grow CHANA ka saag in water without SoilGrowing mustard greens without soil hydroponically. Microgreens for beginners 🌱🌿🍀Pi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsGrow the Best Garden by Building the Best Organic SoilLargest Organic Herb Grower in U.S. Transforms with Fluence

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  • FIRE FLIEZ 1 month ago

    What's the gph on that pump

  • Bill Meyer 1 month ago

    hey Ron just wondering do you use a timer on the water pump if so how long or is there another way to do it

  • Karole Straughter 1 month ago

    I made it too. Want to know how ? just go to inplix webpage.

  • keifriffards 1 month ago

    What nutrient solution are you using for your tomatoes in you Eco Grow pots and your Root Spa systems?  Thank you in advance.

  • Ronald Kleinman 1 month ago

    Hi there – After several months use it turns out the the 3 gal container works best for small to medium sized plants, like patio tomato, herbs like basil, etc but the larger 5 gal container is better for larger plants like most tomato varieties. The tomato plant variety I used for the video produced fair but became root-bound and needed a daily replenishment of liquid. All in all, the system works great if you want to use soil as a growing medium but I would definitely go for the 5 gal pots.

  • TallStarlite 1 month ago

    Hey Ron, Dieing to see how this system has worked out for you?

  • Rosa negron 1 month ago

    Ron, it would be nice if you made a video only on how to put nutriens in the water. explain ppm etc would help a lot. Got the concept of these buckets but need the guide of nutrients to purchase eco bucket

  • TallStarlite 1 month ago

    Well, I don't think I'm gonna do a video because I just copied several other youtuber's videos. So I don't want to take credit for some else's idea.

  • Ronald Kleinman 1 month ago

    Sounds great! I used a few pickle buckets from a local deli which worked out really well but turned out they didn't have much resistance to uv . But, what the heck, they were free and lasted a couple of years so I ain't complaining. Are you goiing to do a video on your setup to show people how to do it? Lots of interest out there.

  • TallStarlite 1 month ago

    Wow, that's not a bad price at all. Too bad Ive already made 20-5 gal buckets and I believe I spent $100 bucks for the whole system. I found a good source for food grade buckets really cheap. So it worked out for me.

  • Ronald Kleinman 1 month ago

    I made a version a couple of years back which works ok but these are so cheap and work well so I'm just going to use these. You can get a full 6 pack of the 3 gal units with all fittings for about $75 – I can't even put six together myself for less!
    The manufacturer watched the video and is sending me moisture sensors to make the setup automatic – that should be interesting. Check for an update in a month or so. Thanks for the comment and thanks for watching my vids!

  • TallStarlite 1 month ago

    Looking Good Ron, I've got a home made version of that type of bucket system and it is working really well, except its outside & having some bug minor issues.