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QVC were excited to invite The Drifters to perform live in the studios with timeless classics such as ‘Up on the Roof’. Visit our Music department to see who else is at Q Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsJustin Bieber – Full Performance – Live at Fox FM’s Hit The Roof.Alesso – Tear The Roof Up live at T in the Park 2014CLUB CHEVAL – Hello play! Live Session – From The Basement To The RoofJustin Bieber – Boyfriend – Live at Fox FM’s Hit The Roof (Melbourne, Australia)Justin Bieber – All That Matters – Live at Fox FM’s Hit The Roof (Melbourne, Australia)Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean? – Live at Fox FM’s Hit The Roof (Melbourne, Australia)


Green Roofs


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  • SCG Niagara 4 months ago

    Great cover you handsome fellas!

  • kinster02 4 months ago

    They should be called the new drifters because all of these guys are too young to be the real group.

  • MAD ARSE MAL 4 months ago

    Is that eddy murphy starting

  • Deganwy Sam 4 months ago

    Lovely harmonies, fair play.

  • Mario De La O 4 months ago


  • Greg C 4 months ago

    its hilarious people thinking there the real thing there like 30 the Drifters would be like 70 now

  • Valerie Brown 4 months ago

    defo not the real drifters

  • Gamaliel Delgado 4 months ago

    Como se llama el cantante de los Drifters me pueden decir por favor i es todo adiós i gracias por lo que pregunté esta bien adiós i cuidense mucho adiós.

  • kevin mc namara 4 months ago

    not a patch of the orignal group r,i,p johnny moore

  • Stella Fort 4 months ago

    Beautiful! They came to Springfield Georgia to the Mars Theatre and were sold out! I didn't get to go…….I was bummed.

  • Negen Tropist 4 months ago

    As peaceful as can be…

  • bajangalish 4 months ago

    Wow, is that Eddie Murphy Jnr, singing lead, or is this a wind-up!

  • TheMusiclegends56 4 months ago

    FAKE AS !!

  • Grand Wonder 4 months ago

    Damn! I didn't know Eddie Murphy can sing that well!

  • The Clever 4 months ago

    I love watching artists do covers but to title your video as the drifters perform up on the roof is a scam for views……..grow up QVCUK!!!!

  • James Higham 4 months ago

    It's true that they're not the same and not a patch of course … and yet it's better to have these guys than not have them.

  • Dick Buelow 4 months ago

    They were great,,had the pleasure of meeting the on Long Island

  • Bill Lloyd 4 months ago

    Anyone know the name of the vocalist on this one? I know that's Mihael Williams on the far left…

  • Michael Schauer 4 months ago


  • astront917 4 months ago

    not the drifters at all,blatant lie.