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Learning how to garden can be enjoyable and rewarding. Follow these five tips on how to learn gardening from Gardener Scott to and become a better gardener. He shows how he has learned gardening and how others can become gardening experts. The top tip on learning gardening will be a surprise, but is guaranteed to make you better understand gardening – and just might be a force to change the world. Here are links to the Gardener Scott videos referenced: How to Prune Lilacs – Galileo – An Amazing School Garden – How to Make Pallet Compost Bins – How to Make Seed Tape – Video Rating: / 5 #adenium #winters #Sundayupdate #Gardenoverview #winterplants #fertilizer #vinca #Rosepruning #roses #Gardenoverview #Sundayupdate Repotting Adenium BEAUTIFUL COLOURED STRIPS GROW BAGS BEAUTIFUL GARDEN POT STAND WASTE DECOMPOSER FROM AMAZON TO PURCHASE THIS STAND GO TO TO PURCHASE THIS HANGING POTS TO PURCHASE CONE SHAPE POT SOIL PH METER Pruning My Big Old Hibuscus #Hibiscus Fertilize Hibuscus Fertilize Roses after Monsoon #gardening How to save a dying plant Potting soil for Aloevera How to grow Railway Creeper Save plant from Thunderstorm Moong fertilizer Get blooms on mogra Get Blooms on Hibiscus Care of roses and fertilizer Watering roses in Summers Leaf burn on Roses Chilli seeds Rose Pruning Make Tulsi plant Bushier HOW TO CARE SEEDLINGS Pesticide for Mealy bugs Admire Pesticide How to make Mustard cake liquid How to make Cow dung Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer Follow me on Facebook Follow me on Instagram @lgwithmj Related PostsVertical gardening best idea with plastic bottles.COVID-19: Simple and free ways to get into gardeningLearn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreensOrganic Natural Fertilizers […]

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  • MARK SMouthy 9 months ago

    Boss these are thought from a geniuses when I was young my father used to beat me up for going to country side with my grand mother I used to love the big figs fruits animals no one in that country teache what he knows all hide information I was dying of jealousy until I came to England I aged to 52 I started to get those feelings back how much I lance green and birds I have 27 budgies and canaries I m planting all year along I don’t stop trying and learning and thanks to people like u I m learning and understanding what all growing is all about thank you from all my heart

  • therevelation19 9 months ago

    Yes, I can confirm! Explaining something to someone other gave me so often the biggest revelations of the topic. Didn´t happen once that I changed completely my way of explanation through the explanation, for the benefit of all.

  • Danny Taylor 9 months ago

    I love your passion about teaching the youth. Keep up the good work!!

  • Oliver Fowler 9 months ago

    Like all subjects, the more you learn the less you know.

  • Elbert Hardy 9 months ago

    I love this one, especially because I have 2 grand kids that need this so much. Thank you!

  • Sauli Antanavi 9 months ago

    Scott, I absolutely agree about teaching/learning parallel. You learn as you teach. I wish there are more teachers like you all around us. Thank you so much for your encouraging videos/lessons!

  • Kürşat BÜLBÜL 9 months ago

    I've watched so many gardening videos. However, this is definetely one of the best. The items you mentioned have touched not only to my mind but also to my heart mostly. I liked the tips, especially first one. Thank you very much.

  • Paskalis Topolinus 9 months ago

    Nice tips thanks for information sir

  • Kebun Organik 9 months ago

    Hi Gardener Scott.

    I'm Rinoto from Indonesia

    I learned a lot of organic gardening from Gardener Scott's YouTube channel.

    I have learned organic gardening a few years ago until now.

    I was offered by a Pastor for a presentation on how to do organic gardening to his congregation.

    Give me advice, what should I prepare, convey, and do?

  • Trucker B 9 months ago

    By far you are my favorite gardener to watch here on you tube thanks for keeping it simple too

  • David Pruitt 9 months ago

    I am teaching my granddaughter to garden and it is such a joy.

  • Inge Kaivola 9 months ago

    Great video!  The process works for all sorts of things … cooking, baking, knitting, small engine repair … and on and on the list goes!!

  • 4shehadeh 9 months ago

    Thank you for these tips. I feel I am now learning basic stuff. I love to learn to grow things that I know my family would eat. Thanks to you, I learned how to grow garlic and harvest coriander seeds. Maybe it’s not too late to teach my 20 yrs old son because he sure enjoys the herbs I grow and use them in his omelets etc.
    keep up your good work. I really enjoy your videos.

  • larry cumba 9 months ago

    Dallas. For years I have enjoyed flowers on the patio. This year I decided to try tomatoes. Should have done the research instead of just going for it . Uneven watering produced poor results. I restarted with wicking tubs. What a difference. Less guessing at watering, constant moisture and way less time standing there with a garden hose. I can sit back and enjoy it. Next year everything I plant will be in some type of wicking container. Thank you for all your sharing of your expertise.

  • Cornish Aaron Aquariums 9 months ago

    Nice information. I love my garden I find it very therapeutic. New friend here. Have a look at my channel when you get time.

  • sumaiya vaid 9 months ago

    Super n useful information sir thanks

  • Sony Mishra 9 months ago

    Adenium ko Jyada thand se bachane ke kya kre..???

  • Pratibha Mandal 9 months ago

    Beautiful plant and nice information.


    Beautiful plant and very useful informations. Happy gardening.

  • Mili patel 9 months ago

    Menichar gulab ma kali jyare khil vanu chalu kre tye gulab ni paddiyo thodik kari thay Jay 6e su karan hoy ske ane kaliyo jaldi kem kilti nhi hoy pela to jadpthi khili jati pan amneto jaldi nthi khilti sukaran hoy sake