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The Best Way to Grow Herbs Indoors. Part of the series: Indoor Gardening. Herbs such as thyme, paprika and saffron can be easily grown within the confines of an indoor area. Grow herbs to your liking with the help of a nursery proprietor in this free video. Read more: Video Rating: / 5 Ray’s 55 Cent Garden Seed Store!: If you’d like to make a small donation to help keep the Farm alive: Your continued support is appreciated so much! My book!! My indoor gardening channel: Growing indoors can be easier and more productive if we toss out all the complicated facts. If we focus on common sense gardening, we can grow insanely healthy productive vegetables, flowers and herbs indoors all year. EZ soil for indoors EZ plant feeding EZ transplanting Lastly, don’t give up. With just a little common sense and lots of nonsense you can be up to your nose in plants! 🙂 Related Posts10 Herbs You Can Grow Indoors on Kitchen CounterThe 8 Easiest Herbs To Grow Indoors – Indoor GardeningTop 6 Struggles of Growing Herbs Indoors (w/ solutions)!!!🌿🌿🌿 // Garden AnswerIndoor Gardening Tips : How Do I Grow Herbs Inside by Seed?How to Grow Vegetables Indoors in a PotIndoor Plants : How to Grow a Vegetable Garden Indoors




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  • CheriByGrace 1 week ago

    Looks marvelous at first. So did mine. But they die every single year. So frustrated.
    Every video on how to grow or even bring herbs in for winter, are in CALIFORNIA! They should say so. Ugh!

  • TheCherrytree123 1 week ago

    Is the pot need hole on them at the bottom? Thx 🙂

  • Mrs. Baker 1 week ago

    How often do you water them?

  • JanTheNan 1 week ago

    Sun in the U K, don’t think so planted outside they’d be in orbit during windy/gale force winds.

  • Mint is going to aggressively take over that pot (and the whole kitchen if you are not careful). It is the pit bull of herbs.

  • Phoenix Fire 1 week ago

    i’m having a hard time figuring out where to get herb transplants

  • PlaceHolder 1 week ago

    RIP all herbs in that pot besides mint bc the mint is gonna strangle your other plants

  • भारतवासी भारतवासी 1 week ago

    This is my second AeroGarden, the first one, after eleven months of continuous use, is still working perfectly>>>  . Both have the LED lights which are more reliable than the earlier versions which used pricey grow-light bulbs that required frequent replacement. This one is quite attractive with its stainless steel trimmed exterior.

  • Holly Cartwright 1 week ago

    good video

  • Lizzie Yaneli 1 week ago

    Step 1: good lightning. Well byeeee, my kitchen could be a perfect hiding spot for a murderer even at 1 p.m.

  • Hugo S. 1 week ago

    Great video.. I also love in Southern California. However I wanted to ask how much sun is too much? My kitchen window gets about 3-4 hours of sun and I was thinking of planting some herbs.. will that suffice?? Thanks

  • Tsunshine gal 1 week ago

    Mint is invasive… should be planted in its own pot !

  • Kim's Dragons & Fairy Tales 1 week ago

    Light? Sunlight? Behind a window?uvb? I reckon they grow better in the real sunshine right?

  • Ryan Hathorn 1 week ago

    He uses "secondary" incorrectly lol

  • Anna G 1 week ago

    Thank you 🙂

  • sable428 1 week ago


  • lilac819 1 week ago

    wow perfect video! all i needed to know and what i've been searching for. "this is not domestic violence" – that cracked me up LOLL

  • Ronnie_B-ee 1 week ago

    Ray, where do you order your Course Vermiculite and Worm Castings?

  • Leigh Hope Pfosi 1 week ago

    I appreciate your practical nature and your sense of humor. Great info too. 🙂

  • Jana Sokolova 1 week ago

    Fantastic! Thank you! <3

  • mymiracle79 1 week ago

    Is this mixture good for Pothos? I read they prefer acid soil, you assistance is appreciated.

  • Veronica Williams 1 week ago

    Yes that junk drive me nuts I'm making my own compost soil..

  • sara flores 1 week ago

    May I have the name of the soils you use? Thanks

  • Sharon Anderson 1 week ago

    What brand of worm castings do you use? There are so many to choose from and some are definitely rated better than others.

  • Vijaya Kumara M 1 week ago


  • Devi Vinod 1 week ago

    you are very funny but can you write down what all xtra stuff especially the first one you put in potting soil. i am not able to understand.ThankYou.I just bought worm casting.I am new to indoor garding.But in the end you said warm tea too or i am hearing it wrong please write it down for me

  • Michelle Clarke 1 week ago

    i have some peperomia pellucida seeds what soil should i use i live in Brooklyn

  • Maria DeArman 1 week ago

    I just love your videos =) Thank you =)

  • Diana Brantley 1 week ago

    Enjoyed you video as usual…Looking for more of you, especially recommendations on growing vegetables inside…HUGS !!!

  • Michael 1 week ago

    instead of store potting Mix can I use coco peat for the base

  • Mary Nyodu 1 week ago

    is warm casting tea is good for succulent

  • Mary Nyodu 1 week ago

    is warm casting good for succulent or cactus

  • miscellaneous michelle 1 week ago

    Very informative video

  • Summer Smith 1 week ago

    Thank you, your very easy to listen too and have provide me with new information 🙂

  • Asian Goddess 1 week ago

    You're the best love it. Im in toronto … I made enough compost to last me thru winter to next spring. I do the same compost tea as you have mentioned. as for inside – i prefer to just use kelp, water infused egg shells, coffee and epson salt.
    Do you foresee any problems it may lack of or too much of?

  • FAYE MARTIN 1 week ago

    how tall does a dieffenbachia grow ray