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The Best watering wand I have used out of many suckie wands. Make sure you have a few in your prepper gear for prepping your garden. If want to know more about Mittleider gardening go here… It really isn’t that hard to be the smartest gardener on the planet. It is right in front of you. I share how to be smarter than me and be the smartest gardener on the planet. It’s super easy…. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related PostsThe Best Roofing shoes to walk on steep roofs , gotta know this secret …watch this!YELLOW LEAVES ON HIBISCUS!! THIS BEST ORGANIC FERTILIZER WILL TURN LEAVES GREENBest Hose for Watering Your Vegetable Garden Available at SearsVegetable Gardening : Watering Tips for a Tomato GardenRooftop Organic Vegetable Garden – Awesome Urban Rooftop GardenVegetable Gardening FOREVER 'Make Routine EASY' Container Gardening Harvest Watering Growing Cooking

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  • Toby Henderson 5 years ago

    Why midlander system when organic offers you every thing you need in
    compost. A few organic additives and your done, I believe rich compost and
    compost tea alone would work though I have yet to try it. On my huge Orange
    trees I use the citrus fertilizer but that’s about it for chemicals… If
    the s**t ever hit the fan you might not be able to source fertilizers…
    Not to mention they cost money.?

  • Bob Williams 5 years ago

    You need at least 4 inches of mulch to keep the grass from coming up. ?

  • LDSPrepper 5 years ago

    You are correct. Removing the grass has nothing to do with drainage it has
    everything to do with weed and insect control and keeping them out of your
    garden. For a grow box/raised garden bed by having the grass removed and
    only having soil you can quickly see when you have watered enough because
    you can see the water coming out from under the edge of the box. This is a
    great way to conserve water and not over water.

  • Micha EL 5 years ago

    If you hadn’t mulched that area you would have had a terrible time keeping
    it mowed. The weeds would have had a field day invading your garden beds in
    search of that nutrient rich water your feeding them. I agree you should
    always stick with the directions, but not every situation is foreseeable.
    this may in fact have been the best answer to your particular situation.

  • jo232409 5 years ago

    That’s interesting. My wood chips have been doing a great job with dealing
    with the water, it’s perfect for me in up on my hill in PDX. I have noticed
    that some of my worst weeds are slowly coming up through the chips, but the
    chips also have lots of weed sprouts that have popped open but haven’t
    rooted well because they’re not in soil. The chips help collect water
    preventing huge water runs to/from my neighbors – an all around excellent
    solution to the water problems I was having.

  • Education costs money. Thanks for the video. Nice of you to share

  • LDSPrepper 5 years ago

    Putting in a french drain is work but this is the fastest and cheapest way
    to do it right. It really is a neat product.

  • Nicole Williams 5 years ago

    Please please lol please don’t use would chips. Don’t try to think out side
    of the box, just follow the directions!

  • maxxlexx1 5 years ago

    ya dude your not too smart a bit retarded…sorry…you never use treated
    lumber around ground wtr or your farm DUMBELL…

  • bigscrambler 5 years ago

    Been there done that pardner. We call em life lessons. Thank you for

  • LDSPrepper 5 years ago

    Correct, it just wasn’t producing much of anything. It was taking forever
    for the plants to grow and they had very little or no produce at all. I do
    not recommend the BTE method. It would have been awesome if it worked but
    the plants are starving for nutrients. The Mittleider method takes care of
    that problem completely.

  • 5 years ago

    The back to eden system wasn’t good enough?

  • Olgath 5 years ago

    Your problem wasn’t mulch, as water drains through mulch. Your problem was
    a drainage issue in the soil.

  • mrmrlee 5 years ago

    *very porous

  • billy bob 5 years ago

    Are you still doing off grid buckets too

  • mikemorrison281 5 years ago

    Humble man. I appreciate your honesty, David. That’s wisdom and you earned

  • Micha EL 5 years ago

    Recirculation of the water would be a best practice even if that isn’t part
    of the Mittleider system. I understand this system has worked for others
    for a long time. But what we know about farming has been working well for
    thousands of years. there is always room for improvement. You’ve put in the
    drainage pipping, no reason not to try recirculating the water now. If you
    leave it just plain dirt it will become a muddy mess. And the garden water
    would penetrate the ground and soak it anyway.

  • suprsleep 5 years ago

    If you strip the grass out wouldn’t you have a muddy mess on your hands?

  • Richard Colwell 5 years ago

    LDS I have a few questions I would like to ask, is this or is this not an
    organic farm/garden? Are your honey bees out yet? If so, are they thriving
    off your garden? Last question. Since your garden is being fertilized with
    all these chemicals will that harm your bees or make your honey “not
    pure/organic” and is the ant problem you had in one of your videos, the
    chemicals you laid down in your garden boxes for the ant infestation. Will
    that harm your bees?

  • mrmrlee 5 years ago

    From the video I can see standing water on the bottom of those trenches.
    Unless your mulch is several inches thick, which I doubt, the issue is the
    soil below the mulch is packed clay and not bery porous. If you say the
    issue didnt exist previously, its because you were not heavily trafficking
    those areas and packing the soil down. I have had years worth of shredded
    wood chips and mulch in rainy areas and it is no issue. The only reason the
    water will stay is if the subsoil is not porous.

  • LDSPrepper 5 years ago

    I am not. But they still work amazingly well. I do recommend fertilizing
    the buckets with Mittleider weekly feed. I’d still have buckets but this
    system works so well I decided to just garden using the Mittleider method
    to simply my life. Also I want to see how much I can grow using this
    method. I know I can feed more people this way so I want to get proficient
    with it. So when the time comes I can help others grow enough to live off

  • LDSPrepper 5 years ago

    Actually the problem arises because of the rain. During the summer is will
    not be a problem. I only water for 60 seconds a day,.

  • LDSPrepper 5 years ago

    I can see where the chips would work well on a hill and would help with
    erosion and week control.

  • Steve Sanders 5 years ago

    How wide are the beds with your potatoes in them in this video?

  • reeram 5 years ago

    Sorry this happened to ya but I’m glad you told me about the piping! I’ve
    got to do a French drainage around my shop and that will be sooooo much
    easier! If it’s any solace, this wasn’t in vain