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In this video I show you the basic shoes that anyone can afford to walk on any steep roof. hope you like this video ….please share and subscribe … Eric. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsRoll roofing installation, Flat roof installation step by step ,must watch!How to Apply Roofing to a steep roofBest Green Roofs Toronto Green Roofs (905) 272-8701Green Roofing SystemsBest Green Roofs by Estrella Roofing in PhoenixRoofing tips: How to know “if” you need a new shingle roof installation or not?6 Laws of Plant Growth That You Must Know and Follow

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  • drumier 8 months ago

    i was wondering why my white sole fila sneakers were useless up there i had to crawl on my hands and knees ,grab a pipe to caulk around it . thanks

  • tripletrouble 8 months ago

    "Black. Not jello. Black."

  • aaron youtube 2 8 months ago

    i walked on an old roof in flip flops and never had an issue

  • Mando Hernandez 8 months ago

    Yo me compré mis cougar paws

  • Handy Man 8 months ago

    Yup. Yet another illegal stealing jobs from American citizens.

  • Don Walker 8 months ago

    Thanks for the tip

  • Jeffery Demoss 8 months ago

    Eric you can petty much walk on anything with cougar paws and they have soft replaceable soles that won't scuff or damage hot shingles, your boots will scuff or damage hot shingles, don't talk bad about something you know nothing about.. smdh…

  • Doller Trujillo 8 months ago

    Can i get a job in roofing im a quick learner

  • Death to Ice Shield 8 months ago

    You’ll scuff the shingles with those Eric. You need crepe soles. No grips. Hush puppies work. Canadian Footwear in Winnipeg has been selling what they call roofing boots for decades. Excellent traction no pecker tracks.

  • marc miller 8 months ago

    Boots tear up a roof on hot summer days..ive been roofing 30 yrs and have found vans skate shoes to be the best!

  • Murfreesboro Tn 8 months ago

    can I use steel toe ?

  • tyler henry 8 months ago


  • fuqoff aye? 8 months ago

    If you only like black soul that's kind of racist. You will be flagged.

  • Bryan Yuchasz 8 months ago

    About the dumbest thing you can do on a roof is wear boots like that gets above 60 degrees you will tear those shingles up high tops cougar paws or thorogoods anything else doesn't belong on shingles!

  • Goldie Wilson 8 months ago

    can't wait for the remix

  • Timing 8 months ago

    Dude no offense but your kinda a older guy and most of us are 13 to 11 year olds who dont care about rules

  • Chris Helms 8 months ago

    We got it 1000 times make sure there black. You do know that's just a die in the rubber has nothing to do with the quality of the rubber and them boots are going to completely fuck the finish of the shingles, this should be a example of the worst roofing shoes possible

  • ben oliver 8 months ago

    Cougar paws are the best roofing boots there is. The boots he is wearing will tear the new shingles when it gets hot. Ill pay $150 for boots that are made for roofing instead of paying $30.00 or 40 for a boot or shoe that the sole can tear off. The cougar paws are super comfortable and last for a while if you dont use them for tennis shoes. The pads can burn out after 2 or 3 roofs if you drag your feet the pads burn out faster. Pads are 15 to $20. He can say bullshit all he wants. His soles on his boots shows he isnt on as many roofs as he says.

  • Andrew Kerr 8 months ago

    I can run the 40M in 6 seconds on that pitch.

    Show us a 12/12 and ill listen.