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As seen in Hydroshow TV SE1.1 EP5 Diagram and Product List for this room – see here In our megarooms feature, we ask the UK’s grow stores to come to the studio and build the biggest, bestest growrooms imaginable. With no expense spared, the stores pull together witht eh UK’s hydroponic distributors, and let rip in our 4m x 5m ‘blank canvas’ area in the studio – megarooms is born! In the episode, Southcoast Hydroponics of Portsmouth build a mammoth grow room, with a mother tent and a cloning tent, 3 different types of hydroponic system, the amazing e-pap and d-pap professional horticultural lighting systems and some interesting forms of adding Co2. There’s a megaroom in every episode, with supplementary features in Hydromag Issue’s 005, 006 and 007. Visit See the articles from Hydromag alongside our hydroponic videos @ Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBest Vertical Grow Room | Big Buddha Box | Hydroponic Grow System | SuperClosetTour of – Here We Grow – Hadley, MA Hydroponic Store (413) 584-FARMHydro Halo Halo’s – Grow Room Drip System Setup Best Easiest Drip Systems for Indoor GardensVegetables grown in potsGrow Room | Stealth Hydroponic Grow SystemsIndoor Grow Room and Hydroponic System Setup Time-lapse

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  • john costa 6 months ago

    can imagine the price tag on that room

  • Ilovegrowingcannabis 6 months ago

    USA Here! I love your shows! Wishing you swift legalization of Cannabis for the UK!

  • Jeremiah Wilson 6 months ago

    yeah no shit. grow room proper rite here. got all the bases covered. nice

  • Alvin Akbar 6 months ago

    WHAT IS THE BACKGROUND SONG?!!?!? It's so chill what is it?? Anybody know?

  • Gareth Brown 6 months ago

    Greaat !!! ive just finished a 9 Month prison sentence for a room half this size!! thanks hydroshow you were with me all the way you tossers!!!

  • Nandu Gaikwad 6 months ago

    this is ex lent project I like very much

  • Cp Da Don 6 months ago

    do u sell to cancer patients in the mail

  • Kye Mosby 6 months ago

    Really nice set up!

  • Daniel Gonzal 6 months ago

    The main cause many people never finish the hydroponics building is due to a bad instruction.

  • wateronly 6 months ago