1 Benefit of growing high pressure aeroponics is aeration. Air Atomized Aeroponics can do things that no other hydroponic growing system can replicate. Setting environmental conditions with pin point precision, and injecting oxygen directly to the root chamber.

True Aeroponics ( TAG ) is actually less complicated than the more popular HPA or high pressure aeroponics. To DIY Aeroponics just take a bit a patience and time to assemble your own aeroponic system.

Two opposing hydroponic methods which are probably the most popular are DWC Deep Water Culture and HPA High Pressure Aeroponics. DWC utilizes water as its medium supplementing air to sustain the plant. If you ever ran a DWC system you will know the more air you can circulate into the system the better health of the plant. Whereas HPA uses air as its medium and supplements water to sustain the plant. The downside to this method is using the high pressure water spray nozzles is that as the root system develops. The nozzles end up spraying the exterior of the root system.

Air Atomizing Aero can penetrate the interior of the root system. Every blast of the feed cycle injecting fresh air and nutrients directly to the roots. As with many things… Surface Area is very important. In plants there are 2 main root types the Tap Roots & Feed Roots,. Air Atomized Aeroponics develops an insane amount of feed roots to maximize its surface area.

This being my first set up with AAA and figuring out how to build and run this system. I’ve encountered a few set backs, one being nearly killing the plant. One thing I know without a doubt is had I used DWC, RDWC, HPA, LPA, Ebb & Flow/Flood & Drain, Even Top Feed, this plant would not have survived. Top Feed is actually they back up system I created in order to help sustain this plant. Top Feed is actually what caused the plant to develop root rot.

Hope you guys decide to step up and go Aero!


The BEST Growing System! Air Atomizing High Pressure Aeroponics

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  • Ryan Weaver

    so you're saying, high pressure aeroponics doesn't compare to atomizing?? and atomizing is just using compressed air instead of a water pump??

  • Atom izer

    The difference between hpa and dwc is hpa uses a lot less water and you can run it drain to waste.I dont have any issues with hpa mist not reaching the interior of the rootmass 😉 Top drip can be useful for seedlings in the early stages, it can save you a lot of air and makes it easier to optimise the mist level in the chamber to generate aero roots outside the netpot. If the mist has to supply all of the water in the early stages you are more likely to overmist to ensure the plant stays upright. It will usually be too much for optimal aero root growth. A gravity fed precision drip system can be used to keep a very small amount of media inside the netpots damp until you have enough aero rootmass outside the netpot. At that point you can turn the drip system off. With the drip timer set for10 seconds i get 4 drops from each dripper, a shade under 0.5ml per netpot per cycle. The drip runs plain water, the mist has the nutes which encourages the roots out of the netpot.