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On this week’s Row by Row Garden Show, the guys talk about sweet corn and field corn varieties. They distinguish the different types of sweet corn and show some incredibly tasty field corn varieties. Get your CORN SEEDS here: Get your GARDENING GEAR here: Check out our other pages: Website – Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – Related PostsContainer Garden Update 1 Harvest Layout Varieties Organic Raw Food Vegetable Gardening How to GrowWhat is the Best Design for a Vegetable Garden?Hydroponic Farm Grows 350 Varieties of Vegetables with 90 minerals to Grow the best tasting foodBest Rooftop Garden | All Varieties Of Fruits &Vegetables Plants on Terrace Garden | hmtv AgriVegetable Garden Tour & Tips 5/2/18: All My Transplants, Tomato & Pepper Varieties & TipsSurvival Skills: Grow a Vegetable Garden in the forest, The Best Food to survival

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  • Barney Rubble 11 months ago

    Hoss-just in case you read this comment. Where can I get some genetically modified corn seed? I'm not chickenshit stupid. But I'm sure people are afraid of the dark more then experienced of nothing to be afraid of..(unless it's a badass raccoon!)

  • Barney Rubble 11 months ago

    I have also grow. Honey select it's good.. low chief. The first time I was impressed because the ears were a foot in length and three times a diameter. Then I grew it again and the makers lied!!! Pathetic corn. Using a brand name.. buyers beware the cunning human race for a buck! Haven't heard this guy talk about (Trinity) a variety I liked but piss poor germination rate.. but I don't mess around. If my row of corn becomes toothless. I plant the gaps!

  • Barney Rubble 11 months ago

    These guys seriously impress me. But all that their doing they must not sleep but an hour a day. Unless they got a lot of money to pay all the Mexicans that do the work!!!! As in hundreds of them… And a lot of people in high places passing the buck around of themselves…

  • stevie henry 11 months ago

    Which is a good variety of sweet corn to plant in topical conditions

  • carolyn moody 11 months ago

    Great info..blessings

  • Jake Barbee 11 months ago

    Do you guys have any bloody butcher in stock in those larger bags?

  • Annie Gaddis 11 months ago

    Good Info. Just ordered some Hickory King.

  • XaViEr3520 11 months ago

    I can’t find that pickling book on your website

  • Jason Reynolds 11 months ago

    This Will be my first year doing a good sized garden. What varieties do you recommend for a complete garden? We love it all so it's hard to decide! What do I plant first etc…?

  • Higher Ground Farm 11 months ago

    Another good video guys. I will second the comments about Nourse Farms and their asparagus crowns. I ordered 100 a couple of years ago and received 112. All of them came up but 3. Asparagus from the garden tastes much different than what you get at the store. If someone is on the bubble about planting some – do it you'll be glad you did. You know you're "close family" if you get any from our garden. LOL. Thanks Curt.

  • Charmaine Montgomery 11 months ago

    In the past, I grew the Incredible corn. I bought some from you last month & can’t wait to plant it.

  • SurvivalAustria 11 months ago

    Very interesting.


  • Tom Mathews 11 months ago

    Great show, as always, guys! I'm still looking for that "bovine tolerant" variety of corn! I can't keep my neighbor's dang cows out of mine! I've got them next door to me and across the railroad tracks too. Seems like they come from far and wide just to destroy my corn patch! I might have to Make Alabama Great Again and build me a wall!

  • Brad Warren 11 months ago

    How about Peaches N Cream?

  • Teosinte 11 months ago

    Thanks for the show!

    This year I will try Painted Mountain over here in Austria.

  • Cohen Hix 11 months ago

    Another great show! looking forward to some strawberry info!

  • TheMachiningman 11 months ago

    When will I get my hands on that new long handled stirrup hoe?

  • daniel crowe 11 months ago

    Cant get my stuff in the ground due to the rain!! UGH!

  • Chester and Christie Davis 11 months ago

    I always grow a variety called Sweet G 90. My dad grew this variety for 30 years or more.

  • Joel Henderson 11 months ago

    Hey Travis do y'all have a way a guy can buy the double wheel hoe and pay it out!