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Please email, call or text me to get one of these sure to root Cloners. 513-371-6586 me email address is I ship daily Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow To Build Aeroponic Cloner 35 Sites to Root/Grow/Propagate Plant Cuttings DIYCLONES IN A DWC SYSTEM! (DEEP WATER CULTURE) – HYDROPONIC SYSTEMGrowbox | Growbox Cloning Tutorial| Hydroponic Grow Boxes For ClonesOPCOM Excellent D.I.Y. Hydroponics Indoor Farming & GardeningPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsBEST HYDROPONIC SYSTEM

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  • Kappucino Kiss 1 year ago

    my cuttings turn black after 3-4 weeks?

  • Don Aguillard 1 year ago

    You said you are selling the system for $69 each, how much for two?

  • Abay Paninski 1 year ago

    Where do you fine a timer with sitting like that.

  • Collegesheriff 1 year ago

    put it on ebay if you trying to sell!

  • docwilkey 1 year ago

    Thanks for the info.

  • Anthony Reyes 1 year ago

    i see you put plugs into the net pots what about Debee that breaks away from the plug getting into the pump and clogging? have you had any issues with that yet?

  • Mizah510 1 year ago

    u ship worldwide ?

  • snook713 1 year ago

    Peace bro keep up the good work

  • SIM SALA BIM SEATTLE 1 year ago

    Use Varuca Salt…works every time!

  • Lawman Gad 1 year ago

    Make sure to cut at an angle and make a small cut straight into the stem. Try dipping the end in cinnamon, it retains moisture, or alternatively buy a rooting hormone. Also check that you are not using anything in the basket that retains water, it needs to dry out after watering. This system is not built for blueberries, but should work.

  • Rattlerjake1 1 year ago

    That's some of that Obozo counting (like 57 states)!

  • flying High crew productions 1 year ago

    humidity domes are not nesesary only if rooting on a humidity dome, i thought the same .no dome means the plant needs to blow roots faster ,dome makes plants feel more confortable,
    aerophonic for rootong .

  • Chase Knapp 1 year ago

    I've seen a clone bucket on amazon for only 50$ and <9$ shipping

  • cursed1815 1 year ago


  • gncc1 1 year ago

    cloud 8 ??

  • Bobby Ingram 1 year ago

    I swear on everything holy my son is always getting 95-100 success. and the MAJOR critical element is a timer that will turn the water sprayer on for 3 seconds then off for 90 secs. (repeat) The drying promotes the roots to grow. With that size bucket in the vid he could get 40 cutz to root ..easy….if you have a question unowhoyah9@yahoo


    maybe our math is off… I'd be pissed if I cut an extra clone and didn't have room 😉

  • Dr. Mikeal Hughes 1 year ago

    Has anyone tried to root blueberry cuttings with one of these. I have tried to root blueberries with an Intermittent mist system. After 3 or 4 weeks the stems turn black and come apart no rooting. I need to clone some blueberries. Any help appreciated.

  • p3tr0l 1 year ago

    This is really nice, good work. I built a similar one but a) I haven't been using a dome and b) haven't had it on a timer. Great ideas, and great value.

  • Ariakas7708 1 year ago

    I have worms way too! St Louis Mo. Love em 😀