In this video we visit some of the best examples of living plant walls and look at how they benefit us and the planet. These plant walls are becoming increasingly popular in our cities and I expect that all sustainable architecture of the future will have green walls and vertical gardens fully integrated.

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Dividing a large Sansevieria (Dracaena) aka Snake Plant into multiple plants and then repotting all the pieces! Propagating a Snake Plant by root/rhizome division.
I got this plant in a 10” nursery pot and decided to turn it into a versatile set of plants that can be used as a plant wall. Snake Plants are the best!!

0:43 – About rhizomes
2:57 – Unpotting
6:05 – In the roots
7:11 – Inspiration strikes!
8:35 – Rhizome division demonstration
10:05 – Back from the store
10:47 – Repotting
11:24 – Drainage hole brief discussion
13:36 – The finished product!
14:56 – Other design ideas

Have you repotted a big snake plant like this (or any other REALLY BIG PLANTS)? Link your videos in the comments, I’d love to see your process for doing snake plant repottings 😀

Thank you so much to anybody who has taken the time to watch this! Cheers to making new plant friends 🙂

IG: @reallybigplant
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The Benefits of Plant Walls | Vertical Gardens and Living Cities

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