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Since it needs no soil, hydroponics vegetables gardening is a great way to grow our plants in times of lack of resources like today. With more projections that talk about food shortages, it is important to see why organic gardening is the way to go to produce vegetables, fruits and herbs. – Hydroponics increases the family economy by lowering the cost of basic goods, promotes self-management, provides the elderly and disabled the possibility of being helpful and incorporated into the production process. – It encourages children and young people’s interest in productive activities and family, as well as teamwork. The produce will enrich the family diet with daily fiber and vitamins essential for good health. – It allows the consumption of vegetables that are free of pesticides and other chemicals harmful to health. – Hydroponics increases product quality because the environment is well controlled – It increases the possibility of repeatedly cultivating the same plant species – It allowes us to have several harvests per year – It results in uniformed crops – It saves the water use. On average, the hydroponic technique requires much less water. It is estimated that up to 90 percent of water used for these crops can be recycled. With the many advantages that we gain, hydrponics is a smart alternative for modern farming. Video Rating: / 5 LIKE for the new gardening benefits! Available through January 25th! Click here to subscribe: 💀 💀 ▶▶ Check out these things ◀◀ Follow me on Twitter: My Twitch: Google+: Store: Related PostsVertical Gardening! The Benefits and How to Get StartedHow to Clone any plant for hydroponic or regular gardeningThe Benefits Of Gardening With Native Minnesota PlantsTYH: The Benefits Of Gardening At A Young AgeHydrokultur Garten mit PVC-Rohr Medien | Hydroponic Gardening with […]

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  • mining god 1 year ago

    Can evil magma peas drop seeds at mature? Is that how you got that many seeds? Or did you farm them all?

  • CryptedPvP 1 year ago

    how can you make it snow in your house?

  • Bryant Hughes 1 year ago

    how do you put the boxes in the middle to use the planting skills to all plants

  • Marcus Edwards 1 year ago

    WHAT!!!! when was the training points one?

  • Flying Wingz 1 year ago

    What recording program do you use

  • Courtney Moongem 1 year ago

    Attention Blaze Lifehammer and fans of Blaze, some of you may already know about the recent exposure of HeatherTheWizard, if you are worried about you or your child's safety in Wizard101, please sing this pettion: ( Predators are dangerous and need to be stop, which can only be done with a group effort. Thank you, and stay safe. 

  • E Life 1 year ago

    How do you stack plots ove never did this

  • Gentuku 1 year ago


  • Justin Thunderblade 1 year ago

    BlazeLifehammer plz help! ok so now am questing at winterttusk. there is this quest that required transformation to do but i accidently cancelled the transformation and without it now am stuck. any solutions? plz plz help :((

  • Kristijan Zvonarek 1 year ago

    It doesnt let me GO on wizard101

  • Tannio8 1 year ago

    Does anyone know if there was some kind of reset on Wizard101? I recently tried to get back on the game for the first time in 8 months, and realized all my wizards were gone, and it started me off with customizing my character, like it usually would if i just created my account! I'm really worried that all my money and progress has just gone down the drain! Someone please help me!!!

  • David 1 year ago

    The duration of it though.. -.-

  • fidel flores 1 year ago

    should i be death or fire?

  • allen walker 1 year ago

    How do you do the overlap plot like yours is?? Ive tried doing it and never got

  • GloGangMC (MortalMC) 1 year ago

    like this comment if you want blaze to do a full game walkthrough any school

  • ZingZang Oliver 1 year ago

    You should make a video on how you arranged the seed that way. I really want to know how you glitched them into that arrangement 

  • SVPR3M3 1 year ago

    you get more mega snacks, which is amazing 🙂 

  • SVPR3M3 1 year ago


  • Eddie Rodriguez 1 year ago

    i love doing the gardening

  • Daniel Hunter 1 year ago

    I didnt get double seeds but double snacks..