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Raised beds offer a simple and effective way to create a healthy and productive garden by manipulating the growing environment for the better. And the best part is, no matter how bad the ground you Related PostsThe Benefits of Gardening in Raised BedsVegetable Gardening : How to Plant Raised Vegetable BedsEcho Visit Growing in Raised Beds on concrete Roofs and Urban Gardening in Tropical AreasRaised Beds – Cheap vegetable gardening beds – Permaculture Design – Huglekultur Vegetable gardenBenefits of Raised Beds:Organic Gardening Q & AVertical Gardening! The Benefits and How to Get Started

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  • starhit 2 years ago

    You've got an awesome looking garden thanks for sharing!?

  • Ryin88 2 years ago

    is there a video on how you made those beds? look to be 4x4s. but did u screw them from the inside?? use really long nails???