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Here in North Texas it is time to get the Vegetable Garden going! Check out what all we already have planted & growing. Music: Bright Future by JewelBeat at Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 © Brandon Marshall. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized broadcasting, public performance, copying or re-recording will constitute an infringement of copyright. Video Rating: / 5 After completing the construction of our Hugelkultur mound in the previous video, we finally got around to planting some vegetables and covering the entire thing with straw mulch. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTexas Organic Spring Vegetable Garden 2012 Update #4 of 8Spring Vegetable Gardening in April with Crazy Texas WeatherEarly Spring Vegetable Garden TourSpring 2016 Vegetable Garden UpdateBeginning Gardening Series #1: Best Location for a Vegetable GardenTime to start the Spring Vegetable Garden!

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  • Moti Nowrangi 1 year ago


  • Bordi the one 1 year ago

    I have same type of soil. but I did nothing to it. for 8 years I only grow lawn on it and I wonder if it's worth the effort to make a veggie garden. it's about 300 sq meters.

  • Proud Nation 1 year ago

    Horrible gardening skills, you should know better then to till your soil… it depletes it of nutrients

  • Joseph Watkins 1 year ago

    Very good vid. Thanks for sharing this with us, I've subscribed; Jesus Christ Bless! 🙂

  • el mixteco lowpez 1 year ago

    Hey Brandon I can't wait to start my garden this coming year ur videos

  • gary faucett 1 year ago

    I heard you say in the video that you were in north texas. Do you do classes on the basics of gardening? organic or chemical? I live in parker tx. not sure where you are at. I am old but still trying to learn as much as I can. Where I am at the garden starts to burn up by mid june , so a early start is a must. thanks,gary

  • LearningDaily 1 year ago

    great gardening

  • jksatte 1 year ago

    In the multitude of video's I have watched, I don't think I have ever seen soil as black as yours.  Did you add compost or is that just your soil? It is awesome regardless. I just love the gardening video's. Thanks for sharing.  Janice

  • john mcmahon 1 year ago

    How do you keep the weeds away?

  • AstronautSpaceCake 1 year ago

    Do you continue to grow vegetables throughout the summer aswell?

  • flyguy1725 1 year ago

    nice garden..look forward to seeing more

  • sheryl Cornell 1 year ago

    Oh my gosh. Not to be harsh but  you are so cute except  the eye brows.  Why not have them  thinned out to look more normal. Just way to much and I keep looking at them and not paying attention to what your saying.  Sorry-  a friend..

  • Geekella 1 year ago


  • kwo dell 1 year ago

    Here in southern Wisconsin most of the snow is gone.  It snowed all afternoon but it didn't stick too well.  Can't wait to get started but looks like nearly a month before the ground is thawed. On the bright side, the ice fishing is really picking up. Looks like we'll have ice into May this year.  Sigh. 

  • Silviano LA 1 year ago


  • Judith M 1 year ago

    Brandon, thanks for the video – loved seeing all that greenery!  I live in PA where I am just now going through my seed packets to determine what veggies to start.  I'm glad that there are you "warmer" people out there who can whet our appetites for the gardening season!  Can't wait!  (I cheated – I did plant 1 tomato early just so I don't go crazy waiting – it's 2 inches tall now.)  Hope you have a great harvest!

  • Julie Ott 1 year ago

    I'm so jealous! My garden has about 3 feet of snow and ice covering it right now.
    Just gotta keep myself occupied with seed starting.


    Great video, I see this a lot I'm also guilty of it as well. We all are very good or great gardeners. But when we set up a garden we assume everyone else knows how to garden. Many gardeners never mentioned anything about the soil how prepare the soil, what kind of soil amendments if any that they used. Majority of my new videos videos I'm going to focus on  that subject so that anyone can get a good idea what to do with this soil which is the key to garden.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Urban Garden Survival 1 year ago

    Your garden is looking great… Some really niche looking greens there… Thanks for the video. We are just at the end of summer here in the southern half of the world!

  • Marilyn Miltenberger 1 year ago

    you guys are fun to watch!

  • petecsanky 1 year ago

    "True adventure requires an uncertain outcome!" – My favourite quote…..

  • LadyRavenEyes 1 year ago

    this went about the same as my first garden. i just put plants into the ground and hoped it worked but i still got some good vegetables in spite of this. You learn as you go, i suggest looking into companion planting some plants help others grow. oh also from personal experience don't expect the mulch to prevent all weeds some will still get past

  • justuslightworkers 1 year ago

    this and your first one were very good, thank you. We had our first homesteading year last year, as well. I'll just say it did not go well. I had not yet heard of Hugelkultur, and it was also our first year growing food. To top it all off, our homestead soil is…sand. Very nutrient poor, and I knew nothing about growing in that kind of dirt, needless to say it wasn't good. The potatoes were the only thing that did decently, after thousands of different veggie seeds were scattered Fukuoka-style. Oh well, lesson learned. I want to try Hugelkultur at this point, since we have lots of woods and I learned about it in some books. Good luck this year!

  • norweavernh 1 year ago

    Love your beds. One tip, you might want to tease the root bound plants before planting, and peatpot bottoms should be cut out before planting so roots have more chance to thrive. Hope you learnwd lots from the experience.

  • Spitama 1 year ago

    dear man and lady. Why grow in not all your crops from seeds from the outset. I think of the tomatoes and cucumbers

  • Sorlendingen82 1 year ago

    nice videos, most people need a re-connection to mother nature. so thanks for sharing 🙂

  • ChezGra 1 year ago

    I just found your channel and I am having a blast with you guys!!!!

  • Debra Scaturro 1 year ago

    Beautiful couple. New to your channel. Love everything I see.

  • Deb O 1 year ago

    You are the best I have watched all of your videos so far. Love the blooper at the end.

  • 40intrek 1 year ago

    You would be amazed at what a small flock of chickens can do for your garden with the right containment. No organic garden should be without, but this is just my opinion. Check into it. And Thanks for sharing..

  • Bruce Fuller 1 year ago

    USA, right? What state?

  • Greg Wade 1 year ago

    hahaha  experiment and ENJOY  the good food!!!   GREAT vids and so super your not afraid to just enjoy and have fun!

  • raver581 1 year ago

    Just discovered your channel. You guys are so cute. I've never heard of hugelkultur before. Very cool. Are you guys in Prince Edward County?

  • Sir Fendoburn 1 year ago

    Bees are not a problem. they are a solution. I agree they were not what you expected. But even if they are not in a hive or where you want them, As long as they are not causing a nuisance, leave them or call a local apiarist who may happily take them off of your hands.

  • Hong Fei Bai 1 year ago

    Might want to loosen the roots because around 5:00 that was a really rootbound plant. I've only gardened for like two or three months so I'm not really a farmer.

  • BanDana Gramma 1 year ago

    According to Millie from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers — "Sorrell makes real nourishing soup!"

  • Jen Shea 1 year ago

    Fun stuff. I love it when people share their new experiences… Eve when it's trial and error. It helps all of us who've never tried.

  • Paul Smart 1 year ago

    which cocknocker gave you guys a thumbs down?

  • onebigkahuna69 1 year ago

    how much land do you have.?