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The Beatles 1 Video Collection is out now. Available on: Written by John as an expression of his love for Yoko Ono, the song is heartfelt and passionate. As John told Rolling Stone magazine in 1970, “When it gets down to it, when you’re drowning, you don’t say, ‘I would be incredibly pleased if someone would have the foresight to notice me drowning and come and help me,’ you just scream.” During filming on the roof of Apple, two days after the recording of the track, the band played ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ right after doing two versions of ‘Get Back’ and it led straight into ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’. Michael Lindsay-Hogg was once again directing a Beatles’ shoot. He and Paul met regularly at the tail end of 1968, while Hogg was directing The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus, to discuss the filming of The Beatles’ session in January. By the time that fateful Thursday came around, the penultimate day of January would be the last time The Beatles ever played together in front of any kind of audience. This is not the version of ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ heard on the single but the version from the Let It Be… Naked album – a composite of both versions that were performed on the roof of Apple in Savile Row Video Rating: / 5 Mariah performing “The Roof” and DANCING ULTRA RARE!!! Butterfly Tour 1998! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsRoll Roofing , how to install a basic flat roof, torch down roofing !DON’T FALL OFF CLIFF Kid’s! Garden of the Gods Colorado AdventureShould I Cut Down my Tree to Grow a Vegetable Garden?How to Make $100,000 Farming 1/2 Acre You Don’t OwnQBar Live sit down with Akil the mc & Hydrophonics, AKA 4DubDon’t Trust Your Roof […]


Green Roofs


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  • James P Casey (Seamus) 1 year ago


  • macoviciuc geanina otilia 1 year ago

    If you want to know the others meet yourself first ,find the truth about you and then you can understand the neighbour.

  • Hariff Majid 1 year ago

    Imagine it you infront of them while they're singing

  • Michael Hards 1 year ago

    Mick Jagger looks different in this clip.

  • Marjorie Thériault 1 year ago

    I'm sorry but Paul's hip movement at 0:38 killed me…

  • mateoo nuñez 1 year ago


  • El Lobo Feroz 1 year ago

    I sing this to my penis before I need to make love…

  • Mi Kár 1 year ago


  • Randy Mann 1 year ago

    Dirty Hippies!

  • Tom Holden 1 year ago

    What can WE SAY?? The music today sucks!!

  • Pierre Kezdy 1 year ago

    What a great song. In every way.

  • Denny Mindarwati 1 year ago


  • Who was the fifth Beatle on the keyboard?

  • เบ้น สวย 1 year ago

    don't let me down: )

  • Jorge Espinosa 1 year ago

    Four great musicians, who perchance met and made musical history.

  • twinsmm1 1 year ago

    Paul McCartney: Best, most melodic bass player of all time.

  • teffo96 1 year ago

    love George's hair :D

  • Lion O'Nrun 1 year ago

    Another version of this song LIVE also on the Butterfly tour

  • Casey Chanin 1 year ago

    WOWOWOW :))) thank you for posting I love her so much

  • danny c 1 year ago

    Why wasn't this included on the recorded tour date

  • Isaiah Madison 1 year ago

    Lol love the dancers in the back, seems kinda 80s even though this was 98

  • Norma Di Pardo 1 year ago

    Another play back performance for this song. Why? 

  • Connor Steele 1 year ago

    Mariah, Janet, & Whitney along with a few other females dominated the 90's, really wish I could have seen mariah back then, especially during the butterfly era, this album along with the velvet rope by Janet showed a personal side of the two artists 

  • TheBiggestJordinSparksFan J-ski 1 year ago


  • Alexis Silva 1 year ago

    Favorite album butterfly loved all songs

  • ethan raynolds 1 year ago

    Not live… 00:48 ….. But still we love her!!!!

  • svdorme 1 year ago

    Wow this is very difficult to find.

  • blurry c 1 year ago

    Def lip-synced but she's still the one and only Mariah.

  • Amoola 1 year ago

    I don't think she's miming but it does sound like she' s singing along here & there to a version already playing in the background.

  • Emma Rose 1 year ago

    Amazing song and she looks beautiful

  • slackeryshamone 1 year ago

    This is my favorite Mariah track but why does it sound like she's miming.

  • Jordan Wright 1 year ago

    This is my favorite look for her!

  • fizzell sizzell 1 year ago

    goosee … she is the Goddess !

  • MariahRaw 1 year ago

    Love this one!!!! Thanks for share it.

  • amit agmon 1 year ago

    @JamaicanFlava just search it. sweetmariahsite uploaded it

  • NYHotShotta 1 year ago

    Back on youtube where? lol

  • amit agmon 1 year ago

    its back on youtube 🙂