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It was an honour to be given the chance to go on a trip to Slovenia and do some filming, and I felt inspired to stop at a random garden to shoot a video about what I learnt when it comes to Slovenian’s and their food growing. I think you will be inspired like I was! Follow my Instagram: huws_nursery Let’s chat on Snapchat: huwsnursery Like my Facebook: Related PostsInspiration for Children | keep interest in gardeningAmanda Gerber: Backyard Spring Vegetable Gardening in South TexasAn Idea to Help you Find Land for Vegetable GardeningGrowing and Using Comfrey – Perfect Plant for Permaculture Vegetable GardeningHow I Would Grow a Vegetable Garden in the Northeast Gardening ConsultChannel Introduction The Rusted Garden 2017: Over 600 Vegetable Gardening Videos

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  • Hilary Funk 1 month ago

    The West Berlin garden platz was a refuge every weekend, basically a no cars garden neighborhood with studio plots and at least one bier garten.

  • seasonedtoker 1 month ago

    Having a garden in Slovenia has become a floklore on its own

  • Mark Starkiller 1 month ago

    I thought everywhere people grow food like we do here. I was surprised see you surprised about this…

  • Pati Venet 1 month ago

    Hello from Slovenian heaven!

  • Slovenian Woodworker 1 month ago

    That is common thinking here. It's something that we take for granted but until I started to travel the world and actually see it than I realized what a precious thing we have here. Pristine clean water in most of our rivers , furtile lands. We grow 100% of our vegetables at our home and we also have vineyard. + A lot of fruits.Thinking behind all this is I know what I put in the soil therefore I know what I'm eating. Everyone should be able to grow their own food.
    I hope you can learn something from this video. Regards

  • Fred Proud 1 month ago

    Yes indeed! Well said and researched Huw. I was there for around 10 days a year or so ago and was very struck by the proliferation of small vegetable gardens. Especially you see them along the very well run, railway system tracks. Seems like everyone in the country grows their own.

  • Pootin 1 month ago

    It's not popular, it's just normal. Someone not having a garden if they have space is seen as an abnormality.

  • Visit Kamnik 1 month ago

    That is all true. To grown own food is very important in Slovenia. Thank you, Huw for visiting Kamnik.

  • This awesome. I wish more people in Canada would do this also. everything grown by Farmer's is 98% GMO.

  • Scott Head 1 month ago

    What a beautiful and inspiring country. Thanks for sharing, I've subscribed. Nice to learn from gardeners all around the world.

  • Pahor Bruna 1 month ago

    I am following you for a long time and yes, you are amassing like mine country Slovenia. Even I have a garden, but I was sure that English are the gardeners no. 1. Thank you and welcome to Primorska next time you will visiting Slovenia.

  • Matej Pecnik 1 month ago

    Every house has a garden and orchard it's a hobby to produce your ovn vegetables and fruits greetings from Slovenia

  • Matej Pecnik 1 month ago

    I'm Slovenian and growing your own food is more like hobby

  • Patti Hayden 1 month ago

    I’m going to try and visit Slovenia while I’m in Sweden this summer

  • boyan bravo 1 month ago

    I am from Slovenia, and that is true.

  • TheShrewCat 1 month ago

    Great video man! I'm from Slovenia living in London and I REALLY miss this "home grown – home made" attitude in Britain.

  • Gittl G. 1 month ago

    What part of Slovenia are you visiting?

  • Carlota Chmielewski 1 month ago


  • g1o2r3a4z5d6 1 month ago

    I love cottage garden style which is found also in the UK. It's my favourite style. Two years ago I was in London and was inspired by your urban parks and greenery. Many more perennials are used there than here in Slovenia. We have this ancient tradition of planting annuals which I don't approve of. We still have a lot of work to do in our municipalities. However, it's changing. Ljubljana started to plant many perennials in urban areas. Greetings from Slovenia.

  • greenthumbsvegan 1 month ago

    Very cool!