The reasons for enriching your garden with a beautiful inground or above ground swimming pool are endless. First of all, certainly the aesthetics: the swimming pool will make your garden much more refined and elegant. In second place among the reasons that push many to want a swimming pool is comfort and practicality: your body of water will become an oasis of relaxation where you can sunbathe in peace, protected from prying eyes, and in the more it will be perfect to soften the summer heat. Last and very important point to the advantage of the swimming pool in the garden, it is certainly the ideal place around which to have fun parties during the day or in the evening. Obviously, the above ground pool offers a certain economic advantage: building permits and authorizations from the Municipality are not needed, and not even a high budget. In addition, costs can be reduced even more by building the pool completely by yourself, of course by carefully following the instruction manual. Of course, the inground pool will be more refined but you need expert hands to build it, while the above ground pool allows you to give free rein to your DIY desire.
above ground pool

Many still associate the idea of ​​an above ground pool with an aesthetically unpleasant object, made of plastic. Instead, by now, there are comfortable and practical coatings in wood or brick-effect plastic, which give it a very pleasant and elegant appearance. The depth of this type of swimming pool is around 120-150 cm and you can opt for different shapes: oval, circular, rectangular, octagonal.

The above ground pool is almost always made up of a PVC sheet resistant to chemical agents and UV rays which is supported thanks to a load-bearing steel structure. Depending on your needs, it is certainly better to get advice from experts, such as those that Poolmaster puts at your disposal, the convenient site where you can safely buy both inground pools and above ground pools, pvc, sheet metal and covered in wood or plastic. stone or antique brick effect. It is an all-Italian dealer with a long experience, which guarantees innovative and unalterable materials, endowed with incredible durability. All above ground pools can be left safely in the garden all year round, if properly covered, because they easily resist rain and frost. The wooden structure is also guaranteed against frost and insect attack. On the portal you will find all the kits to mount it yourself. Complete swimming pool, Complete covering structure, the fixed skimmer kit with hook (skimmer, nozzles, clamps and teflon), the sand filter group, the pool-filter connection kit, the Standard cleaning kit (9 mt. Of hose, telescopic rod and suction broom), and filter sand.

Once you have purchased everything, all you have to do is choose the ideal location in your garden: we highly recommend a completely flat area away from the trees (so you don’t have to constantly clean the water from the leaves) and close to the drain, so to be able to exploit the force of gravity to empty the pool. By following the instructions in less than two hours you will have assembled the structure, and then you will just have to fill it!

On Poolmaster you will also find the structure for the inground pools, in steel specially treated against corrosion and of course the PVC pool, but this kind of pools require a much longer work, as well as many authorizations.


The advantages of an above ground pool

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