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Hydroponic could be one of the right type of gardening for those who don’t have large space. The using of water as the main growing media could be more challenging for growers. However, you can have great result when you can do the gardening method well; healthier plants and much more harvests. There are a few advantages and also the disadvantages of this gardening method. The Advantages of Hydroponics Hydroponic gardening system will be more easily to control since the nutrients and minerals needed by the plants can be applied into the water in the right concentrations based on the current growing stage. Secondly, the soilless gardening will remove the insects that grow from the soil so the plants don’t need pesticides. The plants will not too often get diseases or other problems. Furthermore, there is less stress and weed to the plants that are commonly caused by water lack like the common problems of conventional gardening method. The plants will use chemical compounds in fertilizer more efficiently since it is applied into the water. Additionally, it tends to result higher harvests. The Disadvantages of Hydroponics For the more complex maintaining system and elaborate operation, growers will need more expenses to build and maintain it. The garden should also be supervised well by knowledgeable staffs in plants pathology. The soilless gardening may reduce insects but when the small insects grow, larger problem will happen in the plants. Furthermore, more problems will come when electrical or mechanical breakdown happens in the Hydroponic system. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGarden Landscaping The Advantages and Disadvantages of HydroponicsAdvantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy That are Worth NoticingVertical Farming Advantages and Disadvantages – Vertical Farming FactsAdvantages And Disadvantages Of Greenhouse FarmingAdvantages & Disadvantages of Greenhouse FarmingWIND POWER ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES

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