Added by on 2017-06-12 Grip 8-Piece Children’s Woodworking Set. Get your favorite child started in woodworking and household repairs early with this 8-piece Woodworking Set from Grip. These real tools are sized for smaller hands but retain all the utility of the larger versions. With these tools and a little help from a trusted adult, kids can begin making cuts and building their first project – maybe a birdhouse or birdfeeder. Makes a great gift. Kit includes handsaw, file, screwdriver, level, 2 C-clamps, safety goggles and tape measure. Video Rating: / 5 Guest Show Today with Matt of Animal Man Survivor! Here is the link to watch Part 2: Support GardenFork while shopping on Amazon, start here: Get our Email News: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Pinterest: More great DIY, Cooking, Gardening, Home Improvement, Urban Homesteading videos and info on our site: http://GardenFork.TV Amazon and some other links are affiliate links, we get a small finder’s fee for referring purchasers to their sites. Its part of how we pay for producing GardenFork Produced by GardenFork Media LLC ©2015 all rights reserved All embeds must live link to GardenFork.TV. No Editorial Excerpts without permission, Violators agree to pay ,000 per second + per view + all collections & lawyers fees Music: Happy Hour, Composed by Dale Herr (ASCAP) , Toast Factory Publishing (ASCAP) Recording Licensed from the UniqueTracks Production Music Library Inc. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGardening Tools for Kids, 3 Pcs Toys Garden Tool Set for ToddlersChildrens Gardening Tools and Bag – Perfect size for little hands to help with the gardeningLittle Garden Tool Box 14pc Toy Gardening Tools Set for KidsSpiderman superhero in real life -Children’S Gardening Tools – spiderman homecoming full videoWise Ave. Fire Dept. Christmas Train Garden Pt.2Preparing Garden Tools for Spring

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  • Maxwell groetsch 6 months ago

    Dude I don't think you can bring a pencil sharpener on a plane

  • Sour Patch God 6 months ago

    hello sir can i ask you a question

  • Derek Diedricksen 6 months ago

    great stuff!

  • orbits2 6 months ago

    8 minutes to get around the cowboy hat

  • pickerick1 6 months ago

    Great kit!

  • Flannel Acres 6 months ago

    Cool!! As I was watching, I realized there was more to the kit than meets the eye. (wink-wink) 🙂 Thanks for sharing! My boys will be checking it out, I'm sure.

  • J. Williams 6 months ago

    Heck, kids just like looking at almost anything with a magnifying glass! (oh – am I still a kid at 66?)
    And it is also useful for fire starting!
    Going to watch part 2 now! Sure I'll learn something new!!!

  • Michael Wilson 6 months ago

    Great kit. If you feel your kids are responsible enough you can upgrade them from that little swiss tech multi tool to the leatherman leap. Whats great about the leap is it is designed for kids so it had great features like the knife blade comes separate from the tool and can easily be put on by an adult later one. I will say that because the leap comes with a preattached saw and a scissors it will most likely not be school friendly and differently not allowed on a plane. Again I like the kit, I can even see my 10 year old self setting fires with the magnifier glass haha.