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Vertical Gardens



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  • Frank Organvidez 1 year ago

    whats the background music

  • V Grazz 1 year ago

    man I wish I could make a living off doing YouTube and streaming I love cod and it would awesome to make videos and stream and stuff I would love to do it, I just have no idea how to get started and I doubt anyone would even watch stuff if I did upload anyway

  • Zach OMalley 1 year ago

    Ur welcome scump anything for you 

  • Gianni Lopez 1 year ago

    Astro code doesn't work :(

  • Zach Fontenot 1 year ago

    Thank you for taking time out of your life to entertain us. You are the most talented Call of Duty player on Earth. #GreenWall 

  • DaMasterAssassin 1 year ago

    Loved the video, Scump! #GreenWall  

  • THORN 1 year ago

    love watching your vids scump,as far as im concerned you are the ultmate slayer..keep up the good work.nice vids

  • Twisted 1 year ago

    woooow, scummy died in almost every clip in the beginning, i <3 NADESHOT

  • PhantomVortex240 1 year ago

    Scump tha king

  • Matthew Dowell 1 year ago

    Nade is love nade is life.
    Optic is love optic is life

  • Matthew Dowell 1 year ago

    Green wall is love green wall is life.
    Scump is love scump is life

  • creig Sexpistols82 1 year ago

    Your ugly faze are better

  • pucci the great 1 year ago

    stop gay pics please 

  • TG-Goodzz Fade 1 year ago

    Cool vid

  • Dylan Muthersbaugh 1 year ago

    I also live in Pennsylvania! What town do you live in?

  • xsilentbulletsx 1 year ago

    you give up so many other things to stream for us? like working a 9-5, having to commute to work. not being able to do the thing you love because you are at work. yeah such a hard fucking life. the fact you even agree'd with that is embarrassing. you get to play a video game and people watch you. you were gonna play the damn game anyways for 10 hours a day whether we watch or not. you make several hundred thousand dollars doing it, your not giving up anything. you are making mad cash, which will set you up for the rest of your life. if anyone is giving up anything its us the fans, we could be playing cod but we watch you play, we could be outside playing with friends, but we sit at home and watch. what a fucking selfish crybaby comment that was by keem. that shit really pissed me off.

    other than that little rant, many people make cod videos, but there is only one king scump. 

  • Luis The barber 1 year ago

    Hey I'm from Pennsylvania… What part u from 

  • vanpersie11ful 1 year ago

    We love you Seth <3 

  • Ricardo Lopala 1 year ago

    What's that yellow thing coming out his gun? 

  • Oh Neffy 1 year ago

    Do you use aim assist scump??

  • Daniel Jackson 1 year ago

    the real thing is much more fun

  • mzklvr73 1 year ago

    this is the best music I ever heard, it hits me right in the heart, my eyes get all wet in tears, their music is amazing, god bless those guys for sharing their music with us, their gone but not forgotten-never will,may you have peace in heaven

  • Nero Dead End 1 year ago

    am i the only one who it remember to "so happy together" of turtles?

  • Silmaril II 1 year ago

    FOLK not fuck -.-

  • Silmaril II 1 year ago

    geh dich vergraben und komm wieder wenn deine Bildung besser ist

  • Kilminster Quesejodan 1 year ago

    Is the wall of fuck yea! the wall of fuck yea, the wall of fuck yea the wal of fuuuuuck

  • Mariana Gonçalves 1 year ago

    Well, since I love tomatoes more than chocolate, this is a valid comparison to me 😀

  • daniel wiemer 1 year ago

    beste das

  • bianca di santi 1 year ago


  • Soru del Hielo 1 year ago

    Amazing >___________________________<

  • Peter Sommer 1 year ago

    What The Fuck O.O xP

  • Steffi4218 1 year ago

    wo war Fiddlers Green in halle ?

  • Kenzo Finucane 1 year ago

    vollidiot xD

  • AzraelShingami 1 year ago

    Gestern in Halle live dabei gewesen – war mein 3. Mal.

    Absolut geil! Wall of Folk hat fun gemacht, schön von einer Seite auf die andere getanzt 😀
    Und die Leute haben so geil mitgemacht

  • AzraelShingami 1 year ago

    Folk's not dead…

  • MrRichracer 1 year ago

    unnötig das Kommentar -.-

  • MrLordcaptain 1 year ago

    FAIL. mööp

  • Eldon Magis 1 year ago

    Warscheinlich wars n denkfehler ^^ Kam iwie auf Frankreich ^^

  • Alex xelA 1 year ago

    Dumm? :DD da steht FRANKEN, nicht FRANZOSEN. Und wies der Zufall will sind FRANKEN germanen xD

  • Eldon Magis 1 year ago

    dafuq? franzosenherrschaft? Germanen an die macht 😉