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  • Anthony 10 months ago

    Should have added english subtitles at each steps then people from other states also could have benefited/developed their own terrace vegetable garden. By the way can any one provide me information on fish farming in concrete tank?Thank you.

  • Abdul Azeez 10 months ago

    paranjal  manasilaakatha  sadhanam  enthanennu parayuka

  • Krishna Swamy 10 months ago


  • Venkata Srinivasarao 10 months ago

    very nice farming and good.results. pl transalete english .everyone know easily  

  • Shejina Sha 10 months ago

    I love kissan 

  • Mathew Thomas 10 months ago

    wonderful initiative…hope this will spread to every district!!!

  • Kapil Sreedhar 10 months ago

    good initiative

  • Pothen Thomas 10 months ago

    how i can register for terrace veg cultivtion. i am staying in changanur kodukulanji area
    my tel *9747142712 ..thomas

  • indira santosh 10 months ago

    please, does anyone one know of any such pograms are available in karnataka

  • Sujith S 10 months ago

    Contact the nearest Agricultural Office. You have to pay Rs500/- only and you will well set grow bags cost around Rs2000/-. 75% Subsidy. The Agri officer will bring the bags to your home and you just have to water the plants.

  • Arun Sudhakaran 10 months ago

    aduthulla krishi office aayi bhandhapedanam…

  • Shajahan M K 10 months ago

    It's a great job and life is beautiful

  • CompostGardener 10 months ago

    What are the ingredients in the mixture at 10:20?

  • ali cm 10 months ago

    ഈ ഗ്രോ ബാഗ്‌ എവിടെ കിട്ടും എന്ന് അറീകാമോ

  • BIBIN MATHEW 10 months ago

    എന്തൊക്കെ ചെയ്തിട്ടും ആര്‍ക്കും മനസിലാകുനില്ലല്ലോ കൃഷിയുടെ മഹത്വം…………………………

  • Gireesh Govindan 10 months ago

    Thank you!