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In this video I am going to be giving a tour of my small home garden vlog in tamil. In my small maadi thottam I have several plants. I encourage everyone to grow some plants in their home. It is a very relaxing hobby. A terrace garden or balcony garden can be setup in most apartments. Gardening can be as simple as growing mint at home to produce fresh leaves for recipes to growing vegetables / fruits. Friends, please do try to grow small plants in your home and encourage your kids to also get into gardening. This wonderful and relaxing hobby should definitely be passed on to the next generation. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSuccessful Maadi Thottam (Terrace Garden) in Madipakkam | Step by Step | Poovali | News7 TamilA TO Z Tamil Maadi ThottamMaadi thottam organic | Terrace-and-Roof Gardening | Beautiful ways to grow brinjal in the gardenLearn about creating a Natural Pesticide for your Terrace Garden | Poovali | News7 TamilHow to set Fruit and Vegetable Garden on the Terrace | Poovali | News7 TamilMake your own organic fertiliser for your Terrace Garden | Poovali | News7 Tamil

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  • A R Mathi 5 months ago

    உங்கள் முகத்தில் வரம்பற்ற மகிழ்ச்சி உள்ளது

  • Subhashini Vijayan 5 months ago

    Hi sis.
    I done raw banana fry,mutton gravy ,mint chat ..
    All was very tasty .
    And thank you u replied me to use kashmir chilli it gives good colour to food.
    Love from shuba…..

  • Priyanka VS 5 months ago

    Red colour chilli name say clearly mam

  • Menaga Datchanamoorthy 5 months ago

    You are a big inspiration… Love your vidoes aND the way you speak

  • inspiringstories 5 months ago

    Hi Steff, Jeni here suddenly came across Ur channel…nice… How to inbox u?

  • Dhanalakshmi R 5 months ago

    sama garden

  • asna ansha 5 months ago

    Akka what kind of soil do u use ? How abt fertilizer ?

  • Raj Muthu 5 months ago


  • vanitha vivekanandhan 5 months ago

    Love u so much dear. Unga voice ketaley extra energy vandhudum

  • unknown channel 5 months ago

    Akka entha country

  • M.y.mubeena Mariyam 5 months ago

    U r an true inspiration to homemakers

  • Surya Surya 5 months ago

    Ne entha oru

  • Bindhu Suresh 5 months ago


  • Aparna Purushothaman 5 months ago

    Neenga enga irukinga akka

  • Mohamed Mydeen 5 months ago

    Nathan fruit filter ☕ katan thank you yannakkaka video pottathukku I love Madras samayal

  • Rekha S 5 months ago

    I love you akka