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Check out how Tecta America’s Company Culture was rated by employees on Comparably What do employees think of Tecta America’s company culture? Tecta America’s culture is rated A+ (85/100) based on 125 ratings. Employees gave Mark Santacrose, Tecta America’s CEO, an A+ (83/100), putting Mark Santacrose in the Top 5% in the country.Tecta America’s Gender Score ranks them in the Top 5% of similar sized companies. See what employees think of Tecta America: Thinking of asking for a raise? Check out average salaries for your position here: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsWorking at Tecta America – May 2018Tecta America Employee Reviews – Q3 2018Green Roof Plants – UW Faculty of EnvironmentBCLC’s Vancouver Office Green Roof – Part 1White Roofs Are Better for the Environment Than Green RoofsGreen Roofs Benefit People, Environment

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