The future of farming is here in Utah, all thanks to something called Robotic Vertical Farming

Tech Talk – Robotic Vertical Farming

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  • Nick king

    Incredible that whatever i can imagine is bring created better than i could have dreamt every day when i wake up. Exponentially, open source collaboration leads to innovation, channeled into engineering solutions that are disruptive. We've completely incentivized disruption the last 30 or 40 years. Disruption is a lever of free market capitalism that we've been leaning ever harder on. The result is that were solving all of the worlds problems exponentially more efficiently, while also driving the cost lower and lower, meanwhile displacing all of human labor. As we have all of our needs met, and find ourselves with nothing to contribute, we will find that we suffer not from work and debt like we do today. Instead we will suffer from complacency and leisure and a desire to feel fulfilled and purpose as human beings. Technology is replacing every inconvenience in the human experience to the point of undermining human experience entirely.
    Anyway, hurry up and scale this globally so we can invent something a trillion times better than anything we could have imagined today, and then tear it all down and rebuild again because we need things to do. Maybe instead we can just desin everything to maximum efficiency in the first place, instead of praying on planned oppulesence and impulsive consumerist materialism to string out some long financial downfall for a few people, instead think collectively on a global scale about whats truly best for human beings. Scale all open source driven innovative disruptive technology as rapidly as possible and expedite the global recession. End the global recession by reinventing the global economy to function wholistically. A resource based global mixed economy based on a form of democratically elected representative global government officials meeting to discuss the allocation of resources most efficiently** instead of by need. By doing it disruptive and efficient enough, it will have a deflationary effect to the point of total collapse. Then a bounce back and rebirth through the use of our imagination around these new technologies. Keep the internet forever open and free and uncensored. Share everything and everybody love everybody.

  • Preston Smith

    Yeah. I worked for one of those companies for a day. We were putting the trays together for the machine. I had a feeling that maybe they were growing marijuana in those things too. So I ask the supervisor if they grow marijuana out of these things. And she said one of the owners has one in Washington and he grows marijuana in it. So I quit the job I didn't want anything to do with it.