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I remember as a child going out to my grandmothers garden and her showing me her garden and teaching me how to grow and eat fresh tomatoes off the vine. I have had the experience of not only teaching my own children the joy of gardening, but also other young children how fun it can be to garden and watch their faces in amazement when a plant produces vegetables from a small seed. I encourage anyone that has young children to teach them a few things that they can do and enjoy with you in the garden. In this episode a share a few things you can grow, like cucumbers, apples, green beans, potatoes and tomatoes, with your kids, and they can have fun with too. Happy gardening! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMittleider Gardening System: Teaching Children to Grow FoodAmerican Heart Association Teaching Gardens-Steps for planting seeds & seedlings#206-P: Teaching Kids Gardening with Christina Kamp of Little Sprouts LearningKids learn planting flower with Kinetic Sand – Play gardening education teaching methods activitiesIn Emma’s Garden: Kid Tested Theme Gardens for Gardening with ChildrenHomeschoolin’ Sis T-“Where does food come from?” Children gardening experiement

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  • mrsevergreentree 7 months ago

    I love this…I grew up in city slum apartments and never developed interest in gardening…We now live in the beautiful country with a home and land so I'm praying for a "green thumb" ..I put my 7month old on my back and water the garden husband did the hard work of tilling hehe..Im sure I would have had more patience and industry if I learned as a child..reedening the time! thanks for sharing

  • Keisha Square 7 months ago

    Love this! My nieces and nephews helped me plant some things when they were here for spring break. Every time I talk to them, they want to know how the plants are doing. When I was a girl, we also had lots of things growing. Tons of tomatoes. I used to pop out in the back yard, pick a ripe tomato, grab a salt and pepper shaker and have a nice snack. Waiting for some of my tomatoes to ripen now so I can start that up again!

  • Pat Turmel 7 months ago

    Patience and discipline! great tips Jeff. My kids have developed a respect for food since they started helping in the garden. Granted they are only 5 and 6 but hopefully it will stick 🙂 thanks for the great video, keep it up!

  • Cheryl Stenger 7 months ago

    Hi Jeff, I enjoy watching your videos and have learned so much. I live in Central Florida, would I be able to grow a dwarf apple tree like the one you grew in Houston? Does Houston and Osceola County, Florida have the same type of weather? Thanks!

  • WinsomeWinslet 7 months ago

    What a lovely video. Thanks for encouraging family and togetherness!

  • Mark Coughenour 7 months ago

    is there any way to attach a picture to this post? I was going to show our Harvest from today. Three cucumbers two green beans one bell pepper and a couple jalapenos! those cucumberss really tried to hide

  • Mark Coughenour 7 months ago

    Good stuff… I also learned gardening for my grandmother… passing down the tradition!. We're gonna try the potatoes. I'm guessing we should start with bucket 1/3 full of dirt, and add dirt as it grows? Will any potatoes work?

  • shaun smit 7 months ago

    Any advice on potted better bush tomatoes in Florida?

  • NEWYORKJET52012 GAMING 7 months ago

    Great vid liked

  • Bethany's World 7 months ago

    makes me miss when my kids were little. ; ( now, they are too cool to garden.

  • as a 2nd generation farmer, the easiest way to get kids to love gardening is to say "if you cant grow it, you wont be eating" My dad taught me that line. he drilled it in me. I learned very young to plant tons of potatoes and lettuce.

  • Marlisa Monther 7 months ago

    What a wonderful idea!! I have 3 year old baby girl that would love to help me harvest potatoes in the dirt that way. She had fun harvesting radishes with me this year and giving them to our pet rabbits.

  • shashakeeleh 7 months ago

    Those potatoes are like an Easter egg hunt for grown ups! Always fun.

  • Hound Life Vlogs 7 months ago

    You are right about this. I just started gardening again, never did much of it when I was in my teens, but did plant things with my paretns and grandparents when I was very young. It's a new rediscovered hobby and just as exciting as it was when I was little.

  • Patches 7 months ago

    Thanks – Great video and I hope it inspires more home gardeners. My best childhood memory is around gardening, and providing food for the table.

  • Rewind Remix 7 months ago

    great video