Talk Trillium - Healthy City Stewardship Centre and advancing health within our community

Today, join us as we talk about the Healthy City Stewardship Centre and the many ways it is advancing health within our community. The HCSC committee talks to Patti about their interdisciplinary approach toward community healthcare where health initiatives are priorities for all city sectors; including trade, regional police, United Way and youth services.

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Patti Cochrane: Senior VP and Chief Innovations Officer, Trillium Health Partners

Michelle DiEmanuele, President and CEO, Trillium Health Partners
David Wocjik, President and CEO, Mississauga Board of Trade
Shelley White, CEO, President and CEO, United Way of Peel Region
Jennifer Evans, Chief, Peel Regional Police
Sachin Doshi, member, HCSC Youth Advisory Council

00:45 Michelle DiEmanuele Talks About Healthcare, Community & HCSC
15:15 Hear From Members of the Healthy City Stewardship Centre
29:30 HCSC Is Addressing Youth Unemployment

Faces of Trillium: Meet Our Team Members and Learn About What They Do!
Peter Scholefield, Volunteer, Trillium Health Partners
Jennie Brown, Volunteer, Trillium Health Partners
Rob Gilroy, Volunteer, Trillium Health Partners

Community Q & A
48:06 What are my options for care if I get sick after hours?
49:06 How should I decide whether to go to the Emergency Department or an Urgent Care Centre?
49:46 What is the Urgent Care Centre at the Queensway Health Centre?
50:41 How is the Urgent Care Centre different from a Walk-In Clinic?
51:09 In what order are your patients treated at the Urgent Care Centre?
51:37 What are some ways I can prepare my family to stay healthy during the holidays?
52:28 Where can I get my flu shot this winter?
52:53 Why is there so much construction at Credit Valley Hospital?
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Talk Trillium – Healthy City Stewardship Centre and advancing health within our community

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