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This is how I usually take plants from soil to hydroponic. The method is very easy and you will get huge plants in very little time. Grafted Plant: Pepper Community: How to make a Self-Watering Bucket: Topping Peppers: Propagating Peppers: Pollinating Peppers Indoor: Force your Peppers to Produce: Pepper Grafting: Breeding Peppers: Mini Kratky Hydroponic Kit: 2016 Pepper Series Playlist: 2015 Pepper Series Playlist: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTransplanting Hydroponic Plants Into SoilHow to Flush you Hydroponic or Soil PlantsGrowing Plants Without Soil: Hydroponic GardeningHow to Transplant From Soil to Hydroponics : Hydroponic GardeningSimple Hydroponic System Made from Soup ContainersFlood Stopper II – Taking the worry out of hydroponic gardening

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  • BRGA net 10 months ago

    thanks for sharing this video
    for how many days the solution stay in that bucket without change?
    i'll follow ur instruction this time 🙂

  • DragonflyArtz1 10 months ago

    Another good question…Is it healthy to make a plant continually produce? Doesn't it need a dormant season? And I would think that continually producing a plant would shorten it's life span…?

  • DragonflyArtz1 10 months ago

    I liked this video. Can you get "any" plant to grow in a supplemented season? And if so do you need to mimic the environment they originally came from? Isn't this all so interesting? 🙂

  • Cen Cal Grows 10 months ago

    Great videos buddy. Thank you. I do have a question. Ive grown some Jalapeno peppers in a DWC bucket. Ive used botanicare nutrient line including liquid karma. The plants have produced nice peppers that are ready to be harvested. My question is this…. do I need to worry about flushing the nutrients from the plants before harvesting and consuming the peppers? Seems it would be a difficult thing to do considering the plant will continue to produce peppers non stop. Your input would be appreciated. Thanks

  • condolf52 10 months ago

    Thanks for the instruction, Khang. I have a few plants that I will try your technique on. Please keep me updated and I enjoy all your videos. condolf61@gmail

  • Elena Jarsson 10 months ago

    I would like you can cross sweet bell pepper with hot carolina pepper to get hybrid sweet carolina pepper It would good idea

  • Jaime Ramirez 10 months ago

    Hey Khang, I was wondering if I could trade seeds with you or just give you some seeds I'm really excited for you and I to grow this season.

  • Chad Bean 10 months ago

    Very cool video! I didn't think going from soil to hydro was possible at that stage. I am going to try this one!!

  • Babab Rozaimi 10 months ago

    nice one khang

  • Mark Z 10 months ago

    Hi Khang. Thank you for the easy to follow video. Appreciate the time you take to share your knowledge with the pepper community.

  • dustin fontana 10 months ago

    great video

  • MsSassiOne 10 months ago

    Do you use the same nutrients in your Areogarden to grow peppers?

  • Laura 79 10 months ago

    I would love to have more updates on this. Are these all plants that you are overwintering or do you have some more indoors in front of a window? Also did you start new seeds for the next season? Thank you

  • JG Harris 10 months ago

    Khang you seem like just a cool fucking dude. Very positive and good natured. Keep doing what you're doing buddy

  • JG Harris 10 months ago

    I always wash my pepper plants in bleach. #protip

  • Pyro Inc. 10 months ago

    what ratio of soap to water would you recommend?

  • Out Of Place Ninja 10 months ago

    If plants were more humanlike, I can imagine the plant trying to figure out what the heck is going on. Without eyes it can't see. It just knows it was uprooted, blasted with water, dunked in soap, blasted with more water, half buried in rocks, then suddenly it's in a comfortable setting with plenty of nutrients.

  • BrokeHampster 10 months ago

    Do you get fast growth in your tent?

  • Jhon terry 10 months ago

    great vid, you should do a video about what lighting you use and what hydroponic nutrients you use