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How We Are Worm Farming Indoors And It Keeps Growing

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We started with 500 red wigglers and now look where we are. Our worm farm keeps expanding. We have an indoor worm farm and show you how we are worm farming indoors and our new system to acco...

Happy Easter Day | Kids Gardening & Worm Hunting | Just Life, Season 3, Episode 3

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It's Easter Day, and the Lawrence family wakes up to Easter Baskets and Egg Hunts. There's still a lot of prep to do before their 20 guests come over for Easter Dinner. The Families are all...

Building a Stackable DIY Worm Farm for $30 🐛

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In my last video on vermicomposting, I went through a simple setup of a single-tote worm bin from Uncle Jim's Worm Farm. Pretty soon, that bin was full and it was time to redesign the system...

How to keep your own indoor worm farm

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A compact way to make compost tea and compost for the house plants and for a small garden. this unit can be used in the kitchen or mudroom. This unit is attrative and compact and will not c...

Worm Farm For Your Backyard!

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Learn how to build a worm farm for your back yard! Suburban scale worm farming is not hard. All courses, articles, videos, &updates on website: http://schoolofpermaculture.com Facebook: ...

How To Make A DIY Worm Tower

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I make a simple DIY composting worm tower using 4 inch PVC pipe, window screen and a 4 inch PVC coupling. A worm tower goes directly in the garden and provides a habitat for your red wiggler...

Garden Efficiency with Worm Castings & DIY Garden/Worm Tower

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Given my limited space in our current rental, I have had to come up with some DIY solutions for ways to grow our own healthy, organic food. I took a patented design that is currently prohib...

Living Off Grid – A Worm Farm For The Chickens

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Our chickens have been producing between 15 and 20 eggs per day. We don't use any lights in the chicken coop. We attribute this feat to the extra raw protein we are feeding them from our m...

Worm Composting Bin Update Gardening with Kids!

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Buy Red Wigglers Worms here: http://astore.amazon.com/letogr-20?_encoding=UTF8&node=25 Worms are going great! We feed them two cups of chopped fruit and vegetable scraps every ten days. W...

Benefits of Red Worms (Red Wigglers) in Gardening Worm Farming

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The great benefits of using red worms (red wigglers) in gardening and composting. Check out our website www.holtzheritagefarm.com Video Rating: / 5 Gardening c...

Worm Castings for Indoor gardening?

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A box of worm castings CHEAP! What can worm castings do? What can worm castings NOT do? A bad seed seller! Boxes of happiness! Send YOUR letter with your indoor gardening question to: Voodo...