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We Started Growing Our Vegetables Vertically & This Is What Happened

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Growing vegetables (and fruit) vertically is easier than you think (no building required) and will give you a larger harvest with less disease! We reuse the same items over and over again, s...

DON’T BUY This Hydroponic System

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A hydroponic system designed by someone that doesn’t know how hydroponic systems work. We take a look at the homegrown hydroponic system... Hoochos explores the worlds of Hydroponics, Aquap...

This is how we do STEEP ROOFS | Walking a 10:12 roof

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This is how we roof steep roofs in the PNW. This roof has multiple pitches including 8, 9 and 10:12. #steeproofer #pnwroofer #mrlegit ======================================================...

Plant This, Not That – Master Gardener Webinar

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Join fellow MG Ann Aldrich to learn about excellent native plants that can be substituted for common, problematic invasive plants. The University of Maryland Extension Home and Garden Infor...

How Much Money Do I Make During This Video? What SOLD on EBAY! Talk Scammers & Goals! Happy New Year

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EBAY SELLERS! I have sold on ebay full time for 20 years. On my channel you will find tips and details on how I run my ebay business. I'm here to help you be your own boss and make over 20k ...

7 Outdoor Party Ideas for Kids This Summer – Garden Party Planning Ideas For Families

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Summer is here! And with it, are excited kids all itching to maximize their time off school. For many children, summer is when their best memories are formed. Since summer only comes once a...

This is the Native Landscape Certification Program

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Promo Video for the Native Landscape Certification Program

How This Indoor Vertical Farm Makes Perfect Japanese Strawberries — Vendors

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Oishii Berry founder Hiroki Koga combines Japanese strawberry cultivation techniques with the technology of a first-of-its-kind indoor vertical strawberry farm in America to create the highe...

Why this cannabis farmer only grows his weed in soil — and never hydroponics

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To hydro or not to hydro: Every master grower has his or her preference. It’s a big decision, deciding to grow your cannabis in soil versus growing your marijuana hydroponically. Honest Mar...

Master Growing TOMATOES With This Mind-Blowing Guide

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In this video I taking you through everything you need to know to grow tomatoes. in this mind-blowing guide, you will learn all the tips and tricks to growing huge tomato crops that even you...

Watch This Very Unique Indoor Farming That Is Already At Another Level

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We know that indoor farming is a method of growing crops or plants, usually on a large scale, entirely indoors. But in this video, you will see a very high tech indoor farming system that is...

This Underground New York City Farm Grows Rare Edible Plants — What's in the Basement?

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Just one level below the busy streets of Manhattan sits Farm.One- an urban hydroponic farm that utilizes technology to grow extremely, rare edible plants. Come with us as we explore the futu...

Learn to Garden this Year!

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An inspiring message to work on your green thumb this season. It's critical that young and old learn to garden and cultivate the plants that sustain us. I'm here to help you learn how to hel...

This Gardener Has Turned The Roof Of His Small House Into A Beautiful Garden

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Abdul Majeed Shahid is a gardener who has utilized a limited space in his house and have turned it into a beautiful garden. He is a passionate gardener working towards a greener Pakistan. As...

How to Build a Self-Watering Vegetable Garden | Ask This Old House

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Ask This Old House landscape contractor Jenn Nawada travels to Raleigh, North Carolina to help a couple build and plant a self-watering vegetable garden #ThisOldHouse #AskTOH SUBSCRIBE to ...