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Growing 18 Peppers Vertically: Container Soil Refresh & Planting My 5 Tier Vegetable Tower

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I successfully grew 20+ peppers in this vertical tower last year. This year I am setting it up with herbs and 18 hot peppers. I show you how I amend and refresh last year's container soil, s...

Beefsteak Tomato Growing in Soil VS Growing in Hydroponics WOW!

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Well... we finally got to get filming on the comparison of growing Beef Steak Tomatoes in Soil verses growing in Hydroponics! EVERY single time we go to film this video, it is a Thunderstorm...

Is Hydroponic Farming Safe? | Hydroponic vs Soil | Hydroponic Nutrients

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Here are my overall thoughts on hydroponics farming/gardening. Some questions I try to answer Is it better than soil? Is it really organic? Is it healthy? Does hydroponic food contain more...

From Soil To High Pressure Aeroponics ( Air Atomizing )

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Plant just showed up out of no where! Thought I good time to experiment. Cheers! Main benefits : More Reliable System!! Increased oxygen in the root chamber, Less equipment, Long Term lower...

How to make a soil plant a hydroponic plant

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Today I got these two plants from a store and will show you how to easily transfer a potted plant to a hydroponic net cup. Visit DuckyGrows.com to check out our blog and products. Visit ...

how to grow herbs at home without soil 🌿

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propagating my own herb garden in my kitchen. subscribe: https://bit.ly/2JHVuRN plant tour: https://youtu.be/NkyyeR-lp-k #indoorgarden #propagation #herbs I shared this little plant exper...

Regrow SuperMarket Lettuce Hydroponically: Bug Free and Soil Free using the Kratky Method!

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Can you regrow supermarket lettuce? This lettuce was harvested and packaged weeks ago, then sat in the supermarket, and finally in my refrigerator for another couple of days, so can it stil...


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In this video i will show you how to grow coriander without any soil only in water. This video is completely uodate so pls full watch and if you like pls share this video. Like share and sub...

मैं छत पर उगाता हूं Soil Less आर्गेनिक सब्जियां Master of Terrace, Roof Top, Kitchen Gardening

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Umed Singh a businessman practicing Terrace Gardening successfully. He grows organic various vegetables at his roof and use only organic manure. He does not use any king of chemical pesticid...

Hydroponic Tomato Vs Soil Taste Test

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Sun Sugar is a really great tomato variety to grow. They are super productive, grow very large and are crack resistance. I grew them both in soil and hydroponic. It is time to taste them ...

How to Grow Vegetables Without Soil and Fertilizer || Hydroponic System || Water Growing Media

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In this video I show you how to grow vegetables at home without soil and fertilizer in easy way with hydrophonic system. And after watching this video also subscribe my channel My Channel...

Soil vs coco vs hydro | Week 8 update

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https://www.migrolight.com Follow us: Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/migrolight/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MIGROLIGHT/ #migrolight#ledgrowlight#growlights A little update on t...

Farm Soil Mix For The Vertical Gardens

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As I get ready to start filling raised beds and these new vertical gardening towers I need to get some soil mix put together. But where will I find some free sand...... Check out all the Gr...

KIDDIE POOL VEGETABLE GARDEN – Week 1: Site Setup & Soil Preparation | Container Gardening | DIY

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Hello CraftDee Family! Welcome to the first Kiddie Pool Gardening Video in this new series. Week 1: For this Video, we will be covering the cleanup and preparation of the gardening site, as...

How to grow mint without soil/ Easiest method grow mint from cutting /Mint hydroponic

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How to grow mint without soil at home easily step by step. Easiest method grow mint from cutting very easily in water, Mint hydroponic, How to grow mint very fast, Please subscribe my chann...