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Boombi | The Vertical Farming Revolution at Home

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Now live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/groots/boombi-the-vertical-farming-revolution-at-home?ref=czkiii&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=yt.bck.li The home vertical garden that helps ...

Top 20: Vertical Farming – die optimale Revolution der Landwirtschaft?

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Welche Vorteile eine vertikale Landwirtschaft gegenüber der herkömmlichen hat, um dem Klimawandel entgegen zu wirken, wird im Vortrag anhand eines Modells und den drei Arten des Vertical Far...

Urban Agriculture: Aquaponics, a food revolution | Veolia

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Read More : https://www.veolia.com/en/solution/urban-farming-solution-helping-feed-cities https://www.veolia.com/en/newsroom/inventing-for-tomorrow/could-aquaculture-alternative-fishing-soon...

Vertical farming: a future way to feed urban populations? | FT Food Revolution

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By 2050 it’s estimated there’ll be over 6.5 billion people living in urban spaces, and vertical farming could play a growing role in feeding them. The farms use far less space, water, and tr...

Agricultural revolution: New method to grow lettuce; Vertical farming explained – Compilation

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New method to grow lettuce indoors faster, cleaner and cheaper. Vertical farming: Plenty receives 0 million investment from tech giants. Subscribe to TomoNews ►►http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-To...

Agricultural Revolution! This Farm of The Future Uses High Tech Robots To Automate Everything

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SUBSCRIBE Here: https://goo.gl/w3A8IS Best LED Grow Lights For Indoor Farming: Newest Reflector Series Grow Light 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights LED Plant Lighting for Seeding Flowering ...

Food (R)Evolution – How Vertical Farming Will Help Feed The World | Mike Zelkind | TEDxCincinnati

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Mike Zelkind, CEO and co-founder of 80 Acres Farms, a hydroponic, indoor farm that disrupts the current food supply chain by growing local food year-round in a sustainable and healthier way....

World Renown Vertical Farming Expert Dr. Despommier Talks with Green Revolution!

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One in a lifetime you meet someone who has taken such powerful, positive action that it has not only begun to transform our world for the better, but will have systemic revolutionary impacts...

Rooftop gardening revolution in Beijing

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The hanging gardens, not of Babylon but Beijing. Every morning, Zhang Guichun starts his day taking care of his vegetables and plants in his rooftop garden. The 56-year-old has astonished ...

Dickson Despommier on How to Join the Third Green Revolution

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Search for the website on Google, says Dickson Despommier, and sign up. Dickson Despommier:Venture capitalist? Magic words. Operators are standing by. Here's howto get involved. If you thin...

Permaculture Revolution

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Permaculture Revolution

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China’s Green Roof Revolution | A China Icons Video

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High on the rooftops of Beijing are hundreds of thousands of plants. But these are no ordinary gardens. This vegetation is designed to lower the temperature of the city, reduce flooding an...

Vertical Farming: the second green Revolution | Ares Ferrigni | TEDxCrocetta

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Big issues await us in the future, like space deployment and overpopulation. Fortunately for us, Ares is busy thinking about them, and this brave innovator will share his solution to what ...

earthrise – Detroit’s Urban Farming Revolution

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Subscribe to our channel http://bit.ly/AJSubscribe In the early 20th century the American city of Detroit was a booming industrial powerhouse and world leader in car manufacturing. But sinc...